Do I need planning permission for my garden room?

In the majority of cases planning permission is not required for a typical ITTGR installation.

There are circumstances, however, where an application would need to be made. These include:
• Your room is to be erected  within the grounds of a listed building, an area of outstanding natural beauty or on green belt land.
• You are using the building as accommodation.
• Your room exceeds 30 square metres.
• Your room stands taller than 4 metres once erected.
• Your room will cover more than 50% or more of your grounds.
• Your room has a maximum overall height over 2.5m and is positioned within two meters of your boundary?
• The room stands forward of the principal elevation of your house, fronting the highway?
If planning is required we will help you through this process and look after the application on your behalf.


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