How to build a soundproof garden studio?

Some people like to have a soundproof garden room so they can use it as a music studio or something similar. We can apply soundproofing to our garden rooms if needed so you can avoid annoying your family and neighbours with loud noises. This is usually achieved by using a damping material like plasterboard inside the walls during the construction phase. ""

Are garden rooms soundproof?

Most of our garden rooms are not soundproof. However, we do provide this option in case you want to use your garden room as a music studio, for example, so please ask us about this option and we’ll be happy to explain more. ""

How to build a garden studio from scratch?

Building a garden studio is often a job that is too large to do on your own without specialist skills. At Into the Garden Room, we have a 6-step process: inquiry, site visit, proposal, moving ahead, construction and completion. The construction phase takes 6-8 weeks and involves laying the foundations, installing insulation, making it watertight, installing the plumbing and electrics, plastering and painting. It’s a big job, but we’re sure you’ll love the final result. ""

How to get wifi in garden studio?

Getting Wi-Fi in your garden studio is very easy. If your studio is close enough to your property, you may be able to connect to your main Wi-Fi connection. If not, one option is to invest in a Wi-Fi booster, which you can plug into a socket in your studio. This will boost your home’s Wi-Fi signal to improve the connection. Another alternative is to get a separate Wi-Fi service and install a router in your studio. ""

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