Why is your Premier Range more affordable – what’s different to the other garden rooms you offer?

Our Premier Room range is designed and built by our same core team, so there’s no compromise on our state-of-the-art modern design, superior quality materials, exceptional craftmanship, great customer service and the love, care and attention to detail we put into all our builds. 

By streamlining costs in areas that don’t impact on our premium design, material and build standards, we’re able to offer these luxury garden rooms at a more affordable price:

  • Using set modular room sizes for the Premier Range leads to less wastage, and allows us to buy in larger cost-saving quantities
  • We’re offering a more select choice of cladding, flooring and door colours
  • We’ve standardised the electrical specification and heating of this range 

Together, these changes allow us to streamline the time it takes to project-manage and personalise each garden room, and the time it takes to construct it.

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