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Garden Room Extension Ideas: 7 Ways to Create Extra Living Space in Your Garden

Garden room extensions are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. People want to make the most of their gardens without spending a fortune on a full property extension, and garden rooms provide a simple, convenient and versatile alternative. Here, we

Is a Garden Room a Good Investment for Your Home? (& Tips to Get the Best Return)

If you're thinking about getting your own garden room, one of the major questions you might have is whether it’s a good investment. The short answer is yes, but there’s more to it than this. In this guide, we’ll take

Garden Rooms; The New-Era Home Extension

Garden rooms have quickly risen in popularity as a quality, stylish and more cost-effective way for homeowners to permanently expand their living space. To understand more, we turned to experienced estate agent Grant Letts – Partner at Curchods –

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