Let us put your mind at ease when it comes to planning

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If you are asking yourself ‘will my garden room require planning?’, it’s useful to know that the majority of our garden rooms fall under the Government’s Permitted Development Rights and don’t require full planning permission. We can obtain a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) for you, which formally confirms that planning permission is not required, for your peace of mind.

These rules can be extremely generous and so we find people are pleasantly surprised at what they can do without the need for planning permission. And our bespoke design service can make the most of them for you! Did you know that the roof of a garden room can often be between 3m – 4m high and the floorspace does not always have to be smaller than the footprint of your house?

Our garden rooms come with total peace of mind. We don’t just provide you with some of the general rules on a FAQ page on our website – we can provide you with site-specific advice and undertake a full assessment of your property (including previously imposed planning conditions and Article 4 Directions).

Full knowledge of the planning system

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With extensive knowledge and planning experience, our team can guide you through the different processes right from the start of your project. We can offer you an elegant garden room without the planning stress.

Whether your development can work under Permitted Development Rights, with a minor tweak here or there, or whether full planning permission is required, we’ll give you the full picture, so you can decide on the right route for your project.

We can even help you with an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate if it becomes necessary. We’re here to support you and won’t stop helping you even if things get difficult or complicated.

High success rate for planning permission

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If Planning Permission is needed for your project, it’s usually not a problem and we have a high success rate. Our supporting statements to the LPA make a convincing case and often result in approvals with a minimum number of Conditions being imposed.

We enjoy finding Planning solutions and so if you live in a Listed Building or have an unusual garden room idea we look forward to hearing from you.


Using your garden room for primary accommodation (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc) can offer a perfect option for multi-generational living. Such a use always requires Planning Permission but you can leave the Application process in our capable hands.

Commercial Uses

We don’t just do residential projects – our garden rooms can be great for commercial uses too. So, if you are thinking of an exciting new venture let us know.

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