If you want a little bit of luxury in your garden, contact the team at Into the Garden Room and we’ll design a beautiful luxury garden room just for you. We are specialists in luxury garden rooms, and we know just what it takes to design and build the ideal building for your garden.

Whatever purpose you have in mind for it, your garden room will be made to the highest standards to provide you with comfort, style and luxury. Contact us today and let’s get to work creating your bespoke luxury garden room.

What Exactly Is a Luxury Garden Room?

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For many people, the only building in their garden is the shed. But a luxury garden room is so much more than that. The luxury summer houses we create at Into the Garden Room are exactly that: luxurious.

For a start, they are made to the very highest standards using the best materials including durable timber, and we use techniques that have been perfected over many years. A lot goes into every room we create. We have a designer, architect and many others on the team who are all committed to making sure your garden room is just what you want.

Luxury garden rooms have a strong focus on comfort. That means they are insulated and fitted with double-glazed windows to ensure you can use your room any day of the year. You can fit your garden room with everything you need, from air conditioning to a computer. They usually have large windows to allow in lots of light and to provide you with beautiful views across your garden.

Luxury summer rooms are places to enjoy on your own or with company. You could use yours to host guests during your summer parties or to relax on autumn days and watch the colours change in your garden. However you decide to use your garden room, you will always enjoy a truly comfortable experience.

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Custom Made Just for You

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At Into the Garden Room, we only focus on custom designs. All our luxury garden rooms are designed from scratch to meet your unique requirements. You may want a small garden building with one room, or you may have plans for a far larger luxury summer house with multiple rooms. The design can be anything you want, and we are here to make sure your garden room is perfect.

We will take your ideas and make them a reality. You may already have a clear idea of what you want, or you may want ideas and inspiration from us. Whatever you need, we are here to make sure your garden room is exactly what you want it to be.

How Can You Use a Luxury Garden Room?

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You can use your garden room however you wish, and there are no rules. It’s a space that you can use for any purpose. A popular option is to use it as a luxury garden summer house to relax and unwind as well as entertain guests. But you could also use it as a luxury garden office, a yoga studio or even a playroom for the kids. Our luxury garden cabins could have multiple purposes. Have a think about what you want, then let us help you create the perfect room.

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Our Clients Say

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“I cannot recommend Into the Garden Room highly enough. They managed the whole project, including design, obtaining the necessary consents and the build itself expertly and professionally. The onsite team were fantastic and the quality of our garden room is excellent. It is used daily and we love it. Highly highly recommended.”
Liz A • Client
“Absolutely delighted with my garden room. It has transformed my garden and added an extra living space that is enjoyed by all my family and friends. Andy and Paul were brilliant to work with and I would highly recommend them, as not only were they professional and efficient, they were a pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much for creating my dream garden space.”
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If you would like to discuss working on your own luxury garden room, contact us today. We are here to answer all your questions and provide ideas and inspiration, and we look forward to creating your perfect garden room.


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