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Many more people are working from home these days. You may be self-employed or work flexible hours, or perhaps you need a quiet place to concentrate on your other projects. Whatever your situation, why not enjoy working from a stylish and insulated garden office?

There is no better place to work than a comfortable office in your garden surrounded by beautiful views. At Into the Garden Room, we design and build garden offices in the UK that meet the specific needs of our customers, so contact us today to get started.

What Is a Garden Office?

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A garden office is a comfortable building typically constructed from high-quality timber. It is designed to go in the garden, sometimes tucked away in the corner and sometimes in the centre taking pride of place in the garden.

At Into the Garden Room, our garden office buildings are made to the highest standards. They are designed to not only be stylish additions to your garden but to be comfortable too. The idea is that you can enjoy a comfortable working environment with views onto your garden where you can work in natural surroundings.

Our garden rooms are well insulated and are fitted with double glazed windows, so you will have an insulated garden office that you can use throughout the year in comfort. These are very different from a standard garden shed. Your office can be fitted with electrical sockets so you can use a computer, air conditioning unit, Wi-Fi router and anything else you want.

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Custom Garden Offices Designed for You

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We only design and create custom garden offices here so you can be sure you’re getting a fully bespoke office for your garden. You can work closely with our team, including an architect and designer, to ensure you get the office you really want.

You may want a small garden home office, or you may want a larger office with two or three rooms. Perhaps you want a summer house office where you intend to use part of the building as an office and part as a place to relax.

Garden buildings have many possible uses, and it’s completely up to you. Our job is to design the office you really want, and we will work closely with you to ensure that is exactly what you get.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to build a garden office?2024-02-06T12:49:06+00:00

The cost of a garden office depends on the size, the quality of the materials used, whether it is insulated and various other factors. As a general guide, our garden rooms and garden offices tend to cost from £23,000 to £35,000, with the final price depending on the specific design you choose.

How to heat a garden office?2024-03-21T15:21:52+00:00

You can heat your garden office by using a small portable electric heater. Electric convection heaters can quickly heat up a garden room, and because our garden offices are well insulated, the heat will stay inside to keep you warm even during the winter. We also offer underfloor heating as an extra.

How big can my garden office be?2024-01-09T13:38:40+00:00

Your garden office can be as large as you want it to be. However, there are a few regulations surrounding the size of garden rooms and offices if you want to install a garden room without requiring planning permission. For example, the height of the eaves must be no more than 2.5 metres, and it must be under 10m2 in size. Please ask us for full details on the latest regulations.

How do i get wifi in my garden office?2024-01-09T13:42:20+00:00

It’s easy to get Wi-Fi in your garden office. You may be able to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi connection if you are close enough. However, if this is not possible, you could use an Wi-Fi extender in your garden room, which boosts your home’s Wi-Fi connection so you can connect to it from further away.

What is a garden office?2024-04-16T09:33:14+00:00

A garden office is simply a garden room that is being used as an office. Our garden rooms can be used for almost anything you wish, and a garden office will usually have a desk, chair, internet connection, shelves and more. Some people dedicate a section of their garden rooms as offices and use the rest of the space for another purpose.

How much value does a garden office add?2024-02-06T12:50:40+00:00

A high-quality garden office or garden room may add up to 15% to the value of your property. Garden offices are desirable, and many homebuyers will find them appealing. However, there is no guarantee that a garden office will add value to your property because its value depends on many factors.

How to convert a garden shed into an office?2024-03-21T15:15:53+00:00

If you’ve outgrown your garden shed, you may want to consider a garden room that you can use as an office. Sheds are often too small and uncomfortable to use as offices, but a garden room is just as comfortable as any other room in your home. Our garden offices are well insulated, include plug sockets and are large enough to easily fit a desk, chair and other office equipment.

How to insulate a garden office floor?2024-03-21T15:22:46+00:00

Insulating a garden office floor can be quite a large and specialist job, so you will need the right equipment and skills. Or you can just leave it up to us. All of our garden rooms are insulated to the highest standard in the floors as well as the walls and ceilings, and we also use double-glazed glass to ensure you can use your garden room in comfort even in the coldest winter months.

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See Our Garden Offices

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Would you like some inspiration for your garden office building? Then take a look at some we’ve already built. These are all custom offices we have designed for previous customers, so take a look and see if you can find something you like.

Our Clients Say

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“I cannot recommend Into the Garden Room highly enough. They managed the whole project, including design, obtaining the necessary consents and the build itself expertly and professionally. The onsite team were fantastic and the quality of our garden room is excellent. It is used daily and we love it. Highly highly recommended.”
Liz A • Client
“Absolutely delighted with my garden room. It has transformed my garden and added an extra living space that is enjoyed by all my family and friends. Andy and Paul were brilliant to work with and I would highly recommend them, as not only were they professional and efficient, they were a pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much for creating my dream garden space.”

Having had our room completed last week, we cannot speak highly enough of the entire service from Into the Garden room, from the initial consultation with Paul, right through the design, planning stages and to the choices of finishes and through to the onsite build team.

When the team came to install we were was blown away by how efficient knowledgeable and helpful they were, they communicated the whole process and talked us through every stage and also were able to fully maximise the space I had and even tweaked the designs for us.

Superb advice, unbelievably hard-working and had it wrapped up in 5 weeks.
It was a significant investment however worth every penny! Highly highly recommended.

Paul and Mel, Molesey, Surrey

Very Pleased – We engaged with Into The Garden Room shortly after we moved house. We wanted a space where we could build an office for remote working. We contacted Paul who visited us and sent us a proposal with costings. When we were ready to commence the team turned up on time, worked hard, and were both polite and professional. The project took about 6 weeks in total, and we were left with just what we had asked for, a beautiful solution that sits perfectly at the bottom of the garden.

Mr Upton, Client

Into the garden room team were lovely – Into the garden room team were lovely. All through the process they were considerate and kept us informed as things went along. The delivered a fabulous garden room in the timelines that we wanted. Would recommend.

AT, Client

Highly recommended – Had a garden room installed by this Surrey company, and wow, the whole experience was fantastic. The project came in on time, the garden room is simply fantastic and very high quality. It has totally transformed our property. Cannot recommend this company enough.

Elliott Barker, Client

Garden-Room/Studio – Wow O Wow what can I say.
What a great company with a great team behind them.
Very professional, thorough and honest.
We couldn’t be happier with our new Garden-room/Studio.
From the planing to the finish they have done a great job and kept us involved all they way through.
So a massive thank you to Paul, Marianne, Andy, Tony and the amazing team who helped to make our experience very special.

Martin Gibbs, Client

We were looking for a functional Garden… We were looking for a functional Garden Room that the whole family could use. A relaxing area and a room to entertain! From the first meeting, Paul gave us so many ideas, materials, colours and styles, and the whole team were fantastic. Professional, friendly and they worked incredibly hard. We now have the most beautiful room in our garden, that will be enjoyed by us all over the years ahead, Thank you!

Lucy Summerson, Client
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We would love to hear from you if you are ready to order your bespoke garden office. If you have any questions you would like to ask, just let us know and we’ll be pleased to help. We look forward to designing your new garden office.

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