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5 benefits of being in nature

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As the seasons change and summer draws to a close, garden rooms bring indoor living outdoors – allowing you to enjoy many of the benefits of being outside in nature all year round. What is it about being outside in nature that we all love so much? We take a look at the benefits of

9 Garden Room Storage Ideas: Stylish Storage Solutions

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When you need to store items in the garden, the first thing that comes to mind is a garden shed. But while there’s a lot to say for the humble shed, these days, many people are deciding to forego it completely. But how can you store things in your garden without a shed? A stylish

10 Multipurpose Room Ideas: Design Your Multi Purpose Room

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One of the best things about garden rooms is the number of different things you can use them for. From a garden office to a summer house to a yoga studio, the options are almost limitless. But what if you don’t want to have one particular use for your garden room? What if you want

Does a garden room add value to your property?

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We often get asked whether a garden room adds value to a home and are seeing more people looking to build one as soon as they exchange on a property. So, we’re turning to experienced estate agent Grant Letts - Partner at Curchods - to get his take in this guest blog.  Grant, who runs

Wellness Benefits of Garden Sauna & Steam Rooms

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GARDEN SAUNA & STEAM ROOMS; A LUXURIOUS WELLNESS TREND Creating a garden spa is an exciting new wellness trend. Driven by a growing desire to boost relaxation and create a greater sense of wellbeing from the comfort, convenience and privacy of our own homes - garden saunas and garden steam rooms are becoming increasingly popular

2022 Best of Houzz Winner!

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We are very pleased to share that we have been awarded a “Best Of Houzz 2022” prize for Design and Service on Houzz®, the industry’s leading platform for home renovation and design. We were selected for this award by the Houzz community made up of over 2.7 million home building, renovation and design professionals in the

Kirstie & Phil’s Love It or List It

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It’s a definite ‘moment’ in life to be proactively approached to have one of your garden rooms featured on ‘Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It’ show, which is exactly what happened to Into the Garden Room last month. You can watch it here (series 7; episode 7), where you’ll see our Buddha Lounge

Garden office and remote working for wellbeing & productivity

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Guest blog by Tania Diggory, Founder & Director of Calmer   Kicking off our first blog in 2022 is Tania Diggory, Founder & Director of Calmer. Tania is an entrepreneur, burnout prevention speaker, host of the Take Regular Breaks podcast and author of This is Calmer and Working From Home. Tania offers her tips and insights

Smart garden room tech & gadgets

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Luxury garden rooms feel like an extension of your home, giving you physical space you can grow into and head space that you can't put a price on. Automating and enhancing your stunning new space with clever tech and helpful gadgets can perfectly round out the comfort, convenience and eco-friendliness of your new garden room.

Planning the perfect garden room bar

By |2023-02-22T10:16:24+00:00December 6th, 2021|Features, Into The Garden Room|

The festive season is fast approaching, making it a great time to look at how to create an awe-inspiring garden room bar that’s just steps away from home in the peace and tranquility of your own garden. Having a relaxing space to socialise with family and friends is important to many of our clients, making

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