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As the seasons change and summer draws to a close, garden rooms bring indoor living outdoors – allowing you to enjoy many of the benefits of being outside in nature all year round.

What is it about being outside in nature that we all love so much? We take a look at the benefits of being outdoors, as well as introducing our new Premier Range garden pod and explaining how it fits in with the existing build options we offer.

Benefits of being outside in nature

According to health information provider WebMD and mental health charity Mind some of the benefits of being outside, include:

  • Increased Happiness: Nature has a calming effect on our body and soul – helping to lower blood pressure, heart rate and levels of cortisol. Spending time in a green space (or bringing nature into your everyday life) can improve your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and anger.
  • Better Focus: The “greenness” of an outdoor space has been found to have a strong influence on our ability to focus, making gardens the perfect working environment.
  • Exposure to Sunlight: Being outside also has the added benefit of exposure to more natural sunlight; helping to increase serotonin levels and vitamin D (important for general health and your immune system). Both help to increase energy levels and keep you feeling healthy, calm, positive and focused.
  • Improved Sleep: Exposure to natural light also helps to get your body’s internal clock working at its best, with early morning sunlight said to be most effective for helping you to get to sleep come the nighttime.
  • Boosted Creativity: Studies show that time in nature can boost your creative problem-solving abilities by helping to refocus and engage your attention in a subtle way that assists new thought patterns.

Researchers at Cornell University found that as little as 10 minutes in a natural setting can help us feel happier and lessen the effects of both physical and mental stress.

This is welcome news for garden room owners looking to work, exercise, pursue a hobby or simply relax in the peace and tranquility of their garden.

Premier Range Room

Premier Range Room

Introducing the Premier Range – fixed features at a fixed price

Here at Into the Garden Room, we’re regularly approached by prospective clients who love our designs, quality craftsmanship and premium materials but who aren’t looking for a full (or part) custom build right now.

We’re therefore excited to let more people in on the magic of owning a garden room with our new Premier Range; an architect-designed contemporary garden pod available in a number of predetermined sizes, along with a fixed choice of personalising features to make it uniquely yours.

Starting at £20k, this is our most affordable luxury garden room. So, if you like the design, there’s a size that fits and you love it just the way it is with a few personal finishing touches, then you get an awe-inspiring premium quality garden room at a fixed price.

Whether you choose our smallest Premier Range garden pod, or our largest, you can enjoy personalising it with a pre-set choice of beautiful cladding, flooring and door colours, along with an unlimited colour choice of interior paint.

You’ll also benefit from the same quality, state-of-the-art design, exceptional craftsmanship, superior construction, and great customer service we’ve built our reputation on and that has led to us to be voted “Best Of Houzz” for Design and Service for three year’s running.

We’re able to offer this because The Premier Range room is already fully designed and there are no wasted materials thanks to the modular size options. We also know exactly what you want up front, there aren’t changes to manage along the way and we can build your dream garden room in only 2-3 weeks.

Dawn Room (Signature Range) – Into the Garden Room

Dawn Room (Signature Range) – Into the Garden Room

The Signature Range – added choice & flexibility

If you’re looking for more choice and flexibility, you can upgrade to one of five designs in our Signature Range.

The Signature Range offers customisable room dimensions, WiFi as an optional extra and a greater choice of personalising features. These include cladding (both horizontal and vertical), flooring, types of heating, doors, windows, decking and optional extras like bars. You’re also able to add extra windows or decking, and make changes to the electrical, heating and lighting specs.

We’ll be working together closely to tailor, design and build what you’re looking for and so you can expect to see your customised modern garden room come to life in around 5-6 weeks.

Bespoke Room – Into the Garden Room

Bespoke Room – Into the Garden Room

Fully Bespoke Service – complete design freedom

If you’d prefer to create your own fully unique luxury garden room, you can work directly with our co-founders, architect and interior designer in total freedom to bring your ambitions to life with our fully bespoke build service.

Our bespoke service offers practically unlimited design options, along with an extensive range of superior quality interior and exterior finishes to choose from to achieve the specific look, feel and creature comforts you have in mind for your dream contemporary garden room.

We also work with you to identify the level of connectivity you will need in your garden room so we can source and install any technologies you require.

Twilight Room (Signature Range) - Into the Garden Room

Twilight Room (Signature Range) – Into the Garden Room

Bringing indoor living outdoors

Garden rooms offer all the comforts of an indoor space, while delivering on many of the benefits of being outside; natural light, fresh air and the soothing views, sounds, and smells of nature.

Through our new Premier Range, more people than ever before can benefit from bringing their vision of multi-functional outdoor living to life. The result? Spaces designed for the needs you have today, as well as being adaptable to your changing needs for many years to come.

By Paul Ransom, Co-Founder |

October 3, 2022 |

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