Working from home has never been easier or more popular, with many people now working either every day – or a few days a week – from home.

The problem for many is finding the right place to work – and garden offices are an excellent solution.

Once you’ve got your dream garden room to work in, you’ll want to make sure you decorate the interior in a way that makes it an inspirational and productive place to work. That way, you can get your work done in comfort.

Here are 10 inspiring garden office interior ideas to help you create a great working environment.

1. Focus on Biophilic Design

Garden office building in natural surroundings

Signature Range Room – Into the Garden Room 

Biophilic design is about bridging the gap between indoors and outdoors. The aim is to enhance well-being and foster creativity.

This works perfectly with garden offices. They’re naturally light because most garden rooms have glass doors and large windows, so you can fully appreciate your surroundings. You could even include a skylight in your design for even more natural light.

But, you can do more than just enjoy the natural beauty of your garden from inside. You can also introduce natural elements like living walls, or simply introduce plenty of plants that thrive in garden rooms.

Plants can help to make your garden room greener, create a more inspiring interior, increase air purity and even help to improve your productivity.

You may also want to add water features, like a mini fountain to enjoy its naturally soothing sound. Other ideas include using an abundance of natural materials like wood and stone throughout your interior.

2. Choose Colour with Care

Think very carefully about the colour you choose when you start thinking about garden office interior design ideas. It will have a large overall impact on the space, and affect your mood perhaps more than you realise.

Home offices are places where you can work in your ideal environment – that means somewhere relaxed, creative and productive where you can feel inspired.

When choosing a colour scheme for a garden office, the best way to achieve the ideal effect is to keep colours light. Avoid dark or overwhelming colours like deep reds and black. Instead, aim for whites, creams and pastel shades.

Green can be a great option for garden office interior walls as it can help to enhance the feeling of being surrounded by nature, as well as being a soothing and serene colour that boosts your motivation.

Ultimately, your colour choice will be personal to you, and these are just a few suggestions. But, think carefully about the colour you choose. Of course, you can always paint your walls a different colour later if you feel like a change.

3. Divide Up Your Space

Small black rectangular wooden building in a garden

Bespoke Room – Into the Garden Room 

If you have a larger garden room, you should think carefully about how you divide up the space. This could mean creating a dedicated space for working with your desk and chair, perhaps using a rug on the floor to distinguish it from the surrounding area.

You might want a separate space for thinking and relaxing, perhaps on a comfortable sofa or chair with a reading light.

A room divider can be a simple and effective way to distinguish different zones, and you can move it around and take it down when you don’t need it.

You could even use a divider to hide away your desk and use the room for another purpose in the evening, or at weekends.

Or, you might paint the walls a different colour in one area – like one corner of the room – to make it clear that this is your working area.

Plan the zones carefully before you start thinking about garden office furniture. Make sure you’re clear on what area of the room you’ll use for each purpose – this will make it a lot easier to decorate.

Read our blog on creating multi-use rooms for further ideas and inspiration.

4. Incorporate Stylish Appliances

You’ll need various appliances in your garden office to ensure it’s a comfortable working environment. For example, heating will be useful during the winter.

Garden rooms are not just for the warm summer months. Modern garden buildings are designed with excellent insulation, and so they don’t take long to warm up in the winter. 

A small and stylish electric heater is often the best option. These are easy to install, and you can position them anywhere you want and simply plug them in when you need to.

Other appliances could include an air conditioning unit for the summer, or a fan for use on hot days. You may also want a kettle to make cups of tea without going back to your house, or smart gadgets like the Amazon Alexa.

Just make sure that they match the overall style of your room and work towards creating the effect you’re going for.

5. Celebrate Sustainability

Office space in a wooden garden building

Bespoke Room – Into the Garden Room 

A garden office is perfect for using sustainable materials because it gets plenty of sunlight and blends well with the outdoor surroundings.

If you’re trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, you can consider eco-friendly design approaches and features for your garden office.

Other ideas to make your garden office even more eco-friendly include introducing LED lighting, using furniture made from sustainable materials like bamboo or recycled wood and incorporating reused items.

Use your space to celebrate your green credentials. This can help to motivate and inspire you while you work because you know that you’re reducing your carbon footprint.

6. Focus on a Specific Style

Before you decorate a garden office, it’s important to choose an overall style and then keep this in mind with every design decision you make.

For example, you may choose a minimalist design, which is a great option for a smaller garden office where making the best use of space is important. Plus, by opting for a minimalist design when choosing your garden office furniture, you can enjoy a more tranquil working environment.

You might prefer a more vintage design that adds character and warmth to your garden room. This could be achieved using shelving made from reclaimed wood for a rustic feel and getting some antique items like an old typewriter, or sticking old maps on the wall.

Or, you could choose a retro look for a nostalgic and playful effect. Choose an era like the 60s and then fill your office with furniture and artefacts that reflect this era, including posters, record players, artwork and more to make it a fun and creative space.

It’s completely up to you – these are just a few ideas. Just be sure to keep a general overall style in mind when you decorate to create the right atmosphere in your garden office.

7. Perfect Your Workstation

Wooden garden building containing a designated workstation with a green patio set

Signature Range Room – Into the Garden Room 

Whatever you do with your garden office, you’ll need a workstation. A place to sit down and get work done is essential, even if you don’t use it all the time.

Choose your desk and chair with care, and make sure they match the overall style of your office, whether you’ve gone for vintage, minimalist or something else.

You could have a small moveable desk that you can roll into the corner when you don’t want to use it. There are also plenty of smart storage solutions, like a chair that doubles up as storage, to keep things uncluttered and make the most of the space you have.

You might prefer a large desk in the centre of the room with plenty of space to work, or a small corner desk. Perhaps you want a standing desk, or an ergonomic chair. It’s a very personal choice, so choose whatever works best for you.

8. Add Soft Furnishings

Whatever style you’re going for, soft furnishings can help to create the overall look you’re going for, as well as adding comfort and warmth in the winter.

Curtains and blinds can help to keep out direct sunlight during the day, which is useful for preventing glare on your computer screen. They can also add warmth and ambience at night or in the winter, making them a practical and stylish solution.

A rug is a great choice, too. Use it to define your working space or relaxing space, while adding to the overall ambience and extra comfort when you walk across the room.

9. Make Good Use of Shelving

Small garden room with wooden shelving units

Bespoke Room – Into the Garden Room 

Shelving is an essential feature in most home offices to make good use of the available space.

If you have a smaller garden room with limited space, install some shelves on the walls to hold your books, stationery and equipment. Keeping everything out of the way gives you more space to enjoy. 

Again, make sure the shelves match the overall style of your room. They could be open shelves, box shelves, or a different style. You could use them to show off your book collection or other items, or you could hide them with a screen.

10. Add Your Personality Everywhere

The most important thing of all when it comes to the interior of your garden room is to make sure your personality shines through. This is your space, a place you want to feel inspired and productive, so make it truly yours.

From personal keepsakes and equipment to the furniture, everything you have and do should reflect your personal style.

From hanging your favourite artwork on the wall to prominently displaying photos of your family, it all works together to create a true reflection of you. 

Keep this in mind as you bring your office interior design ideas to life, but especially when you’re adding the finishing touches. You’ll be spending plenty of time here, so make sure it’s  a place you enjoy being in.

Set Up Your Perfect Garden Office

Office desk next to a leather sofa inside a garden room

Bespoke Room – Into the Garden Room 

A garden office is a real highlight if you work from home, but making sure you create a comfortable and productive environment is essential.

This partly comes down to choosing the right garden room design, but also what you do with the interior – including the right equipment, furniture, decorations and finishing touches for you.

Take these garden office interior ideas as inspiration, and then enjoy experimenting with your office. This is your personal space, and an opportunity to create an interior where you can be creative and productive and that is perfect for you.

By Paul Ransom, Co-Founder |

March 25, 2024 |

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