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One of the best things about garden rooms is the number of different things you can use them for. From a garden office to a summer house to a yoga studio, the options are almost limitless.

But what if you don’t want to have one particular use for your garden room? What if you want to use it for several different purposes? That’s where a multipurpose garden room comes in.

How Do You Make a Multipurpose Room?

Garden rooms are incredibly versatile, so they don’t need to have one specific purpose. They could have two or even three different uses. Your garden room is a blank canvas that you can use however you want to, and there are many techniques to give your room multiple purposes.

How to Organise a Multipurpose Room?

Here are some design ideas for multipurpose rooms that we’ve put together for anyone who wants to have a garden room that can be used for several different purposes.

1. Create Separate Rooms with Internal Doors

If you’re asking ‘How do I create a multifunctional space?’, one of the easiest ways is to create separate rooms connected by doors.

During the Bespoke Service design process, you can decide how many rooms you want in your garden building. For example, you may simply want one large space that is divided into two smaller rooms by a wall and with a door connecting them, and both rooms can then be used for different purposes.

An internal door makes two rooms feel more inclusive in your overall space. This is ideal if you have a separate bathroom, for example, so you don’t have to go out of the building and back in via another door to access it.

2. Create Separate Rooms with External Doors

One of the most common multipurpose room ideas is to create two entirely separate rooms in your garden building that can only be accessed via their own doors.

That way, you could have one large main room that you can use however you wish and a smaller separate room at the side with its own door. You could then use this for storage to keep all your garden tools out of the way without cluttering up your garden room.

3. Use Partitions to Divide up the Main Space

You can create a multipurpose garden room through the use of partitions. Rather than having a wall between rooms to create two entirely different rooms, you could use a partition to divide the space into separate areas but within the same room.

Depending on the size of your room, you could have one large room and then use several partitions to create a multipurpose living room layout for reading, working, socialising or exercising. You can even create a partition wall between two offices so you each have your own space to work.

4. Create Zones Using Furniture

Using furniture is one of the simplest design ideas for multipurpose rooms that can be incorporated into any timber garden building.

Instead of using partitions to divide up the main space into separate areas, you could do the same thing through careful placement of your furniture. That way, you can have one large room and divide it up into separate areas.

When it comes to multipurpose rooms, interior design techniques like this make it quick and easy to define how an area is used. Room dividers can include sofas, chairs, bookshelves, blinds, desks and curtains, all of which can be used to easily create separate zones.

5. Use Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a great choice if you want to create separate spaces within your garden room that you can quickly join together into a single space.

You could use internal sliding doors between two separate spaces for a quick and elegant way to turn two smaller rooms into one larger room. Or you could also have one main room with a sliding door entrance to the outside that you can open when you want to bring the garden inside.

6. Add a Porch or Deck Area

One of the easiest ways to create a separate area in your multipurpose garden room is to create an adjoining outdoor space. Garden rooms can be used all year, but when the weather is warm it’s great to sit outside. This is easily achieved with a decking area outside the main door, along with a covered porch.

That way, you can enjoy this outside space as though it’s another room where you can sit and relax or entertain guests.

7. Use Decoration

When you’re creating multipurpose rooms, interior design techniques like your choice of decoration provide another easy way to determine different areas within  your garden room.

You can creatively make use of paints and wallpaper to define a certain area of the room. For example, a corner area used for working could be decorated in one colour while a yoga studio used for exercising could have a completely different colour scheme.

8. Make Smart Use of Available Space

Sometimes separating your garden room into separate areas simply comes down to making smarter use of the space available.

For example, you could use a sofa bed in the main room so that the room can be used as a living room during the day and then converted into a guest bedroom when needed.

Or you could have a desk in the corner that folds up out of the way when you want to use the room as a living space and then opens out when you want to use it as an office.

9. Use Equipment

The positioning of equipment is another simple way to define different uses for different areas of your garden room. Even if you only have one main room, by using a computer, gym equipment or a games console, you can clearly define your multipurpose living room layout by making it clear how a section of the room should be used.

10. Lighting

Lighting has always been an excellent way to define different areas of a room, so make smart use of lighting in your garden room to achieve the same goal.

You could use spotlights to highlight objects or set up a simple reading lamp next to the sofa to define the area as a reading zone. You could illuminate one area of the room with a bright light for work and one area with a softer light for relaxing, or put up some fairy lights on the porch to create a place to sit and relax in the evening.

Enjoy getting creative with using lights to give a clear purpose to different areas of your garden room.

Get Your Own Multipurpose Garden Room

As you can see, there are many possible design ideas for multipurpose rooms. The above multipurpose room ideas can get you started and give you some inspiration for your own room. Whether you want to create a single room with different zones, or a building that is divided into separate rooms, there are lots of ways to make it into a multipurpose space.

You could have a home gym that doubles up as an office, a yoga studio that doubles up as a spare bedroom, a home gym with a shower unit next to it or a relaxing summer house with a storage shed on the side – there’s no limit to what you can do!

At Into the Garden Room, we’re passionate about sharing the joys and benefits of owning a luxury contemporary garden room with as many people as possible, so offer three options; the Premier Range, the Signature Range and a fully Bespoke Service. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that your architect-designed garden room is built using premium materials for a truly comfortable garden room that is made to last.

Whatever you need, we can help by providing you with some ideas and inspiration to create the perfect garden room for your unique needs.

By Paul Ransom, Co-Founder |

May 26, 2022 |

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