Garden room shining in the dark

As the days get shorter and the nights draw in, you can continue using your stylish garden room all year round regardless of the temperature (or weather) outside.

Garden outbuildings are traditionally known as ‘summerhouses’ in the UK, so it’s easy to see why people often associate them with the warmer months. However, as autumn and winter set in garden rooms are one of the best ways to continue enjoying and making use of your garden, in ultimate comfort and style.

Difference between a summerhouse and a garden room

There are big differences between how summerhouses and garden rooms are built, the materials used, how they’re insulated, the types of doors and windows, whether they’re installed with fully-functioning electrics and how long they last.

Unlike summerhouses, garden rooms are designed and built to feel like an extension of your home; right from the quality of the core materials, to the final finishing touches. They’re constructed using modern build techniques, are fully insulated (to the same standard as a modern home), installed with fully functioning electronics and WiFi, will last the test of time (25 years +) and add value to your home. Plus, building your garden room to an internal maximum height of 2.2 metres (one factor towards not requiring planning permission), gives an especially cosy feel.

Keeping you warm ‘outside’

To ensure our luxury garden rooms are as comfortable as your own home all year round, we create your dream space under full building regulations and offer:

  • BRE (Building Research Establishment) Green Guide ‘A’ Rated Insulation (Celotex XR4000): Providing energy-efficient warmth in walls, ceilings and floors (often exceeding that of older houses).
  • Double Glazed 3 Leaf Bifold Doors: Offering high performance double glazing (argon gas filled, heat reflective, thermal insulating & UV protective).
  • Underfloor Heating: Heated flooring creates the ultimate cosy winter comfort, without taking up wall space.
  • Internal Reclaimed Wood Cladding: Wood is naturally insulating, has an evocative alpine smell and creates an effortlessly cosy cabin feel. 
  • Integrated Log Burners: You can’t beat the ambience and unbeatable warmth of a log burning fire, which is a stunning addition to any garden room.
  • Wall-mounted Electric Heaters: Connected to WiFi and on timers to ensure you’ve got convenient on-demand heating whenever you need it.

Garden rooms provide increased exposure to sun and natural light, which is particularly beneficial to wellbeing in the winter months. In our design and planning, we focus on the best positioning, as well as using features like roof lanterns, slim window frames and floor-to-ceiling pencil windows.

Nothing quite beats the warmth of the winter sun as it streams through the windows and glass bifold doors of a luxury garden room, creating a beautifully warm microclimate even when it’s bitterly cold outside.

6 winter garden room ideas

As garden room owners ourselves, we’ve come to appreciate firsthand the magic of enjoying our ‘indoor’ outdoor spaces throughout the autumn and winter months. We also love discovering how our clients use them, which together we’re sharing as inspiration to make the most of your sheltered winter sanctuary:

  1. Notice the colours of autumn

A study by the National Trust reveals that Britons voted autumn colours as their favourite thing about this time of year, even ahead of the exciting build up to Christmas.

It’s easy to understand why. The architectural glass, large-paned sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling side windows provide a unique looking glass into the stunning colours of one of nature’s finest moments. 

It’s beautiful, calming and soothing to take in, with the added bonus of getting to witness it as you go about your daily life in the comfort and warmth of being ‘inside’.

Photo by Kazuo Ota - Unsplash

Photo by Kazuo Ota – Unsplash

  1. Star gazing

Star gazing brings a deep sense of peace and serenity to your mind and body. It has many reported benefits; everything from relieving stress, to sparking creativity, encouraging helpful behaviour and of course is a great activity to enjoy with family. 

Photo by Jeff Golenski - Unsplash

Photo by Jeff Golenski – Unsplash

  1. Winter wildlife

Garden rooms are perfect for wildlife watching. The reflection from the large bifold doors and windows mean that animals are blissfully unaware you’re there, allowing you to catch a special glimpse. 

You might spot a squirrel digging up buried acorns, a robin hunting for worms, a woodlark flexing its distinctive vocal chords or the distinctive colours and calls of a green woodpecker. At dusk, look out for starlings performing their special dance (murmuration) in the skies, hedgehogs on the hunt for slugs and foxes heading out on their nighttime prowls.

Photo by Piotr Taskawski - Unsplash

Photo by Piotr Taskawski – Unsplash

  1. Vivid sunsets

Many of our clients have been pleasantly surprised by the entirely new and different perspective of watching sunsets from their new garden room. The colder months are one of the best times; lower humidity and cleaner air, especially after rain or freezing fog, make for some of the most impressive. Why not take a short break from work to watch the spectacular pink, orange and purple hues as a way of regaining clarity after a busy day?

Be sure to mark Tuesday 21st December in your diary – this year’s official winter solstice (the shortest day of the year). The sun sets at around 4pm and with the right conditions, it’s said to be one of the most spectacular.

Photo by Jay Short - Unsplash

Photo by Jay Short – Unsplash

  1. Winter entertainment

We spend so much time indoors at this time of year that it’s a welcome break to step outside. The wetter weather and cooler temperatures often mean heading back in sooner than we’d like, but that’s never the case with a garden room. 

A stylish garden room is the perfect spot to host a Halloween party, or carry on the festivities after Bonfire night. It’s also a great place to host Christmas parties, and/or pre-dinner drinks and canapés on Christmas Day. What better place to kick back in the evening playing board games or watching a classic movie curled up on the sofa with blankets, a hot chocolate or mulled wine?

You can transform your winter retreat into something even more magical with an integrated side-room sauna, or a covered hot tub area

  1. Creative lighting

This is the time of year to get creative with mood lighting for an alluring atmospheric glow, both inside and out. It will draw you into your new space, add a unique ambience and makes for a jaw-dropping winter entertaining ‘venue’. 

Garden rooms aren’t just for summer 

Well constructed, modern garden rooms provide the same level of comfort and warmth as your home. You can continue making use of your garden, and benefitting from spending time ‘outdoors’ reconnecting with nature. 

We hope these ideas inspire you to pause and ‘take a moment’ to try new activities and reimagine your winter lifestyle to make the most of what really is one of the most beautiful times of the year. 

By Paul Ransom, Co-Founder |

November 9, 2021 |

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