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Luxury garden rooms feel like an extension of your home, giving you physical space you can grow into and head space that you can’t put a price on. Automating and enhancing your stunning new space with clever tech and helpful gadgets can perfectly round out the comfort, convenience and eco-friendliness of your new garden room.

At Into the Garden Room, we look at your lifestyle and not just your space – an approach that also works well when choosing the right garden room tech. Consider what will make the most meaningful impact to the way you aspire to live and/or work. Will you be primarily using it to entertain, exercise, pursue a hobby, relax, or for homeworking?

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Virtual AI (Artificial Intelligence) Voice Assistant

An AI-powered, virtual and voice-activated assistant in the form of a smart speaker (audio) or smart display (audio, with a built-in screen) is a great starting point for any garden room. Whether you’re working, relaxing, entertaining, or exercising – it simply makes life easier.

You’ve got plenty to choose from; Amazon’s Echo Studio (powered by Alexa), Google’s Home Max (powered by Google Assistant), Apple’s HomePod (powered by Siri) or Sonos One (offering a choice of Alexa, Google Assistant or AirPlay 2), to name only some.

Use your virtual assistant to effortlessly play music, order food, turn the lights off as you leave, read out a cocktail recipe, answer burning questions, switch off appliances to save energy, or as an intercom to ‘remotely’ chat to family members inside the house.

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Energy-Efficient Heating & Lighting

Enjoy a toasty and comfortable space all year round with on-demand and energy-efficient smart heating. You can heat your space remotely with just one tap on your smartphone, exactly when you need it. This avoids unnecessarily heating your garden room when you’re not there, or enduring the first hour wearing a scarf and gloves.

Plus, you can keep your garden room ideally lit with smart lighting. Turn lights on and off, brighten or dim them, and even change the colour to create the right ambience. There’s no wasting of energy, or having to run down the garden in the dark because you forgot to turn the lights off after an evening soirée. 

Smart plugs and switches are equally as handy (and eco-friendly), allowing you to switch any connected device on or off even when you’re not in your garden room.

You can control all of these WiFi-connected smart devices independently using apps, and/or set them up to work together on your virtual assistant (smart speaker or smart display) with a single voice command.

Perfect Garden Ambience

Garden Rooms bring outdoor living indoors, making your garden an ultimate year-round sanctuary. Thanks to a range of innovative tech and gadgets, it’s easier than ever to keep it looking at its best with minimal effort.

Watch it bloom with smart garden watering systems and keep it looking smart with an automated lawn mower, or a robotic weeder. Enjoy creating an impressive evening ambience with creative and impactful smart garden lighting – all from the convenience of your smartphone, or by using your virtual garden room assistant. 

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Electric Blinds

One of the greatest joys of owning a garden room is the exposure to natural sunlight, and its positive effects on wellbeing. However, there may be occasions when you need a little extra shade, making smart electric blinds a great choice.

Smart blinds extend, retract or tilt (some automatically according to the position of the sun) with a simple tap on your smartphone, or virtual assistant voice command.

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Home Working Gadgets

If you’re using your garden room to work from home, why not indulge with a truly personalised set up? A smart mug or a USB/mains mug warmer will keep your drink perfectly warm should you get unintentionally distracted. You could also invest in an electric lunchbox that slowly cooks (or warms) your food. They’re perfect for those two-hour virtual noon meetings booked by a colleague because it’s the only time everyone was available!

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Smart Drinks

Adore your coffee? A smart coffee maker could be for you. As well as serving up great-tasting freshly-ground coffee, you can get it brewing from the convenience of your phone – freeing you up to stay in the conversation, or to catch an extra moment to yourself. If you’re more of a tea lover, a smart kettle is a great choice – you can get it boiling from the comfort of your sofa, or while multitasking on a busy work day.

When it comes to entertaining, why not invest in an ice maker? They’re a great statement piece on the bar, as well as being more convenient. Plus, you can take the guesswork out of keeping your garden room bar fridge perfectly stocked with a FridgeCam. It allows you to view ‘snapshots’ of what’s inside, and restock it with one-click checkouts.

If you love wine, consider a personal digital sommelier. This ice-free bottle chiller (with accompanying app) brings every type of wine to its ideal serving temperature in minutes, all without getting the label wet. Then, if you don’t finish a bottle you can keep it fresher for longer with a wine preserver.

To round out your bar, beer connoisseurs will love a professional-looking garden room bar beer dispenser for a perfectly frothy pour every time.

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Wireless Security

Never miss a doorstep delivery, or your guests arriving, when you’re in your garden room. A video doorbell let’s you see who’s at the door and you can speak through the system to let them know where to leave a package, or if you’re on your way.

If you’re looking for smarter security, certain types of garden room doors can be fitted with smart locks. They avoid the inconvenience of lost keys with the ability to lock and unlock the door using a smartphone or tablet. 

Smart security cameras (indoors and outdoors) alert you to motion, as well as offering a ‘live feed’ that you can view on your phone from inside your house, or when you’re away. You can opt for a monthly subscription to store footage, and they can be paired with a virtual assistant to deliver audible motion alerts to your home via a smart speaker (as well as a live feed on smart displays). Better still, you can connect your smart lights and smart lock to be activated together whenever the camera detects motion outside.

Smarter Garden Rooms

Here at Into the Garden Room, we take great pride in paying attention to the ‘finer details’ when planning and building your bespoke garden room. Whether you’re an avid tech lover, or simply looking to make life a little easier, smart garden room tech and gadgets play an important role in further personalising and completing your dream space.

By Paul Ransom, Co-Founder |

December 17, 2021 |

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