Signature Range - Into the Garden Room

When you need to store items in the garden, the first thing that comes to mind is a garden shed. But while there’s a lot to say for the humble shed, these days, many people are deciding to forego it completely.

But how can you store things in your garden without a shed? A stylish new garden room could be exactly what you’re looking for.

When it comes to outdoor storage solutions, garden rooms are far more than simple sheds. Our garden rooms are fully insulated, architect-designed, and comfortable to use all year round. They also look splendid in your garden and can even add value to your property – making them far more than simple storage solutions.

Here are nine garden room storage ideas that will help you make the most of the space available, even if you have a small garden.

1. Integrate a Separate Storage Room

If you’re looking for garden shed storage solutions, why not simply integrate the shed with your garden room?
At Into The Garden Room, our buildings can be custom designed for you – allowing you to choose exactly the right amount and type of storage space. Alternatively, you can choose a room from our Signature Range that offers the option of having a smaller side room for storage purposes.

Dawn Room (Signature Range) - Into the Garden Room

Dawn Room (Signature Range) – Into the Garden Room

These storage rooms integrate with the design. They’re inconspicuous, and so the overall look and feel of your garden is not impacted by having an old shed right next to your beautiful new garden room. You only need to go into the storage room when you need something.

Double-room designs are a very popular and practical option, and are all well and good if you want a separate storage area in your garden. But what about when it comes to the storage room inside the garden room itself?

Whatever you decide to use your garden room for, whether that’s a kitchen, office, spare bedroom or yoga studio, here are some stylish storage solutions you can consider.

2. Make Wall Storage into a Design Feature

Storage can be tight in garden rooms, especially if you’ve chosen a smaller design. When it comes to garden room storage ideas, you’ll need to make full use of the available space – and that means using the walls.

Signature Range - Into the Garden Room

But you don’t have to stick to shelves. There are many ways to convert the walls into stylish storage solutions, and even very small areas of the wall can be put to use so no space is wasted.

For example, consider putting up some stylish cubes, which can look more sophisticated and interesting than standard shelves. Instead of closing items off like with cabinets, you can put them on display and make sure they are easy to reach.

Signature Range - Into the Garden Room

You could use these in a garden bar to hold glasses and wine bottles. You could even add some stylish accent lighting to make them into an attractive feature of your garden room.

Or you could create a pegboard. These not only look great and are incredibly useful, but they are easy to make. They consist of a board with wooden pegs inserted into it, and you can use them to hang things like kitchen utensils.

3. Use Furniture Storage to Tidy Away Cushions and Clutter

Cushions look great. They add to the warm, cosy feel of a room, and they create a splash of colour that can make your garden room more inviting, whether you use it as a living room, summer house or spare bedroom.

But you might want to keep them stored away to prevent them from cluttering up your space.

Don’t just put these outdoor cushions anywhere in your garden room. Instead, consider hiding them inside storage furniture.

Storage benches are a great idea. You can sit on them in your garden when you’re hosting at home, then simply lift up the seat to store cushions, blankets and clutter away – making them a great option for outdoor get togethers and barbecues. You can also find chairs, tables and other items that double up as storage.

Image - Ideal Home UK

Image – Ideal Home UK

Are you using the garden room as a spare bedroom? Why not get a headboard that doubles up as storage? Some headboards are designed to be opened up to store items like books and magazines, and they are great for small spaces.

4. Utilise Under-Shelf Storage

Shelves are all well and good – but did you realise that there is an entire surface that is not being used? The underside of the shelf presents another storage area to use in your garden room.

Simply take some empty mason jars, screw the lids onto the underside of the shelves so they are firmly attached, then fill the jars with whatever you want to store and screw them in.

These are not only practical for storing smaller items, but they look great too, providing you with a fun and stylish way to make use of more space. Use them to store seeds, herbs, spices, pens, crayons, art equipment – whatever you want.

5. Create a Cloffice

With more people working from home than ever before, and the popularity of garden offices soaring, garden room storage solutions for home offices have become more important than ever.

Where space is limited, a ‘cloffice’ could be the solution.

This is a combination between a closet and an office, and it’s a great idea if you’re using your garden room as a place to work. Basically, a cloffice consists of a desk hidden away in a cupboard. But how does it work?

The idea is that you have a simple closet, but you open it out by folding down the door that turns into the surface of your desk. This becomes your work surface, and all your work equipment is contained inside the closet. You could even stick up a pinboard on the inside of the doors to put up your notes.

Once you’ve finished work, simply fold up the work surface to close it up, and the office disappears.

This is an excellent way to make use of the space in your garden room, and it’s particularly useful if you want a multi-purpose garden room that you will use as both an office and something else like a living space or summer house.

Signature Range - Into the Garden Room

Signature Range – Into the Garden Room

6. Use Unconventional Places

Sometimes, the best garden room storage ideas involve thinking beyond the standard storage places.

For example, one idea could be to install a single row of shelves along the top of your walls, just below the ceiling. The space at the top of the wall is rarely used, but there’s plenty of storage space available if you want to use it. You could line the shelf with your books, boxes or jars and put it to good use instead of letting it go to waste.

At the same time, consider the corners of your garden room. Corners are often ignored, but they can be made use of. A triangular-shaped desk, for example, with a storage drawer underneath, could slot nicely into the corner and provide you with enough space to work on while keeping it out of the way.

Photo by Maiar Shalaby - Unsplash

Photo by Maiar Shalaby – Unsplash

7. Incorporate Bespoke Kitchen Drawers

You may want to use your garden room as your very own outdoor kitchen, or a second kitchen for guests or for parties. But storage can be an issue, especially in smaller rooms.

Large kitchen drawers are a great way to reduce clutter, and you could get some bespoke drawers designed for all your large pans and big pots. These are all items that take up a lot of space, and it’s never easy to find the right place to keep them out of the way. Large drawers are a perfect solution.

Another good idea for a kitchen is to create a kitchen island. These small and stylish islands come packed with storage space, and you can use them to prepare meals and sit around while taking advantage of the drawers and cupboards hidden away inside.

8. Use Mobile Storage Solutions

If you’re using your garden room for different purposes, such as an office during the day and a living room in the evening, mobile storage solutions are a great idea. These consist of storage units that can be hidden away when not in use, and are then rolled out when they are needed.

For example, you could have a unit that contains all of your work equipment, stationery and folders with a set of wheels underneath. During the evening, it stays hidden underneath a desk or another surface and looks like a standard cabinet.

But when you need it, you simply roll it out to your desk and place it next to your chair so you have quick access to everything.

You could do the same with your art equipment or games that you want to hide away when not in use to keep your garden room more organised.

9. Upcycle Old Storage Containers

One of the joys of a garden room is that it’s a stylish addition to your garden, and you don’t want storage solutions to spoil the effect. A garden room is something you want to show off and enjoy using, rather than a storage space to keep locked up. So make sure the storage you use blends in, and hide it away as much as possible.

One way to do this is to upcycle old containers. For example, if you want to go for a vintage look, consider using an old filing cabinet that you upcycle and restore so it becomes a beautiful item in its own right. The same can be true of an old chest that you have brought back to life. Rather than something purely practical, this can become a design feature of the garden room while carrying out a useful function.

Photo by Jan Bottinger - Unsplash

Photo by Jan Bottinger – Unsplash

Try These Garden Room Storage Ideas

Garden rooms come in many shapes and sizes. And while they offer far more than simple garden storage solutions, storage is still an important consideration.

Whether you have a small or large room, it makes sense to make the most of storage solutions. That way, you can keep everything tidy and maximise the space available while ensuring your garden room remains a pleasant place to spend time either alone or with guests.

The above ideas should give you some starting points when it comes to smart garden room storage ideas, so you can make the most of the space available and enjoy using it more, no matter how large or small your garden room is.

By Paul Ransom, Co-Founder |

June 16, 2022 |

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