Frequently Asked Questions

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 Questions and answers relating to your garden room journey.


How long will my building take to build?

We cannot give exact install times however we have guideline timelines for buildings of different sizes, see below:
• Up to 25m2 – 3-4 weeks
• 25m2 – 45m2 – 4-5 weeks
• 45m2+ – 5-6 weeks

Please note that buildings including toilets and showers with service runs, or projects with lots of groundworks may run longer than the above guidelines and require full site surveys.

Do I have to do my own clearance and groundwork?

If you would like us to, we can arrange to clear site for you and work with several specialist companies that we can recommend, and we can even complete certain groundworks.
We also work with several approved partners that can facilitate the removal of, or works to trees, and the removal of asbestos. Both of these objects will need specialist treatment and companies, so we recommend speaking with, and contracting our approved partners directly to work on these parts of your project.

What if access to my garden or site is difficult?

Generally, there is not a site we cannot build in. Our buildings are constructed using two methods of construction, SIPs = Structurally Insulated Panels and Timber Frame construction, the panels and other materials we use for construction can be carried to difficult to access sites through or over most obstacles. We have erected buildings on sites where we had to carry materials through mid terrace houses,Down and up stairs and  through windows, through first floor flats, over balconies, and many other hard to access locations. This will require a site visit to fully understand access, we always protect your property and driveway whilst we use for access and during the building process.

Are the insulated garden offices warm enough to use in winter?

Yes, they are truly designed for use 365 days a year no matter what the weather!
All of our buildings are insulated with industry’s leading insulation and double-glazed doors and windows. The insulation is placed into all elements of the building; the floor, the walls and the ceiling to ensure excellent thermal retention. And we build under full building regulations ensuring that the building is well insulated and all year round use.

How secure are the doors and windows?

All our buildings are specified with high quality, Allumiunium  windows and doors as standard. They are manufactured to current building regulations and include high-specification security and environmental accreditation. All windows and doors are sealed units with low-e glass. All doors have multi-locking mechanisms.

Do you offer any Groundworks services?

Yes, we can carry out basic site clearance, including removal of small trees and shrubs, levelling and removal of any existing wooden sheds.

How long does a garden room take to install?

Typically, a base takes 1-2 days to install (depending on the size of your building) and this is usually carried out 1/2 weeks prior to the installation date.
The building itself will take as little as 2- 4 weeks, depending on the size and specification.

What type of base do you supply?

We offer two types of base; ground screws or a concrete pad system
Our team will discuss with you which option is best for your site.
For the crews to work we require raw ground and without any ruble or concrete obstructions.
The base can be installed by the ITTGR Team as part of your project and the cost of which will be added to your quotation.

Can an existing concrete slab be used as a base?

Yes, as long as the concrete slab is of the correct size, is free from cracks and is a minimum of 6” deep. It should also be level with the ground surrounding it, as if it is too high, the building may exceed 2.5m and require planning permission.

What type of foundations do you offer?

We use two systems – Ground screws  and a concrete pile foundation system. This comprises of a series of piles in a grid system spanning the entire building.This is included in the cost of your building. Our piles normally go to depths between 300mm and 600mm.
The depth is assessed by the base team on the day of installation, and on some occasions due to ground composition the piles may be shallower or deeper.

What thickness is your double glazing?

Our double glazing is 28mm thick as standard and 28.6mm for our acoustic pack.

What is your flooring system like?

The floors of our garden rooms are engineered to sit off the ground, removing the risk of rising damp. . For the finished interior product an underlay is fitted and then your choice of flooring on top. Incredibly strong, the floors can comfortably hold a 380kg load capacity per square metre.
For Gyms and exercise rooms we add extra beams to support the extra weight and movement and our tea will discuss this with you during the initial stages.

What is the smallest garden room that you can build?

The smallest building we offer in our range is a 2m x 2m Room , we are 100% bespoke so happy to discuss all your requirements.

What is the largest building that you make?

We will build up to 30 square metres internally to stay under full building regulations, however we can build any size room as we are 100% bespoke so happy to discuss all your requirements.

What are the heights of your buildings?

Our buildings are built as standard at 2.5 metres externally.
The fronts of our buildings are always the highest point of the garden room, allowing water to run from front to back into the rear guttering. Making the heights externally and internally:
Ext. Height Approx Int. Height Front Approx Int. Height Back*
As standard 2.5m 2.2m 2m
Extended height option 2.7m 2.4m 2.2m
All our garden rooms are built with a sloping roof of around 4 degrees from front to back – the internal height at the back of your building is dependent on the depth of your building. We calculate this in the design stage for all bespoke rooms.

I already have a concrete base in place, is this ok? Can you modify or extend it

The answer is Yes; as long as the concrete slab is of the correct size, is free from cracks and is a minimum of 4” deep. If your pre-existing base is too high, the building will exceed 2.5m and require planning permission. Our team will be able to advise you on your base and if any work needs to be carried out. A lot of the times it can’t be used or modified.
This can only be determined by a full site survey and testing the existing base.

How secure are the doors & windows?

Our windows and doors are double-glazed to BS7412 specification and feature tough Pilkington K double-glazing which is both safe and thermally efficient. All windows and doors are fitted with high security (insurance grade) multi point locks and bolts with a 5-lever locking system.

How quickly can you build my garden room?

Our garden buildings take around 3-4 weeks to build on your property. Installation slots are available all-year-round. Please contact our Sales & Design team to discuss your project with us. We do sometimes have cancellation slots available – so be sure to get in touch with a member of the team to discuss your needs.
If you would like to know our next available installation date, please give us a call.

How long does a garden room take to build?

The base will normally take between half-a-day to 1 – 2 days to install. The building itself will usually be constructed the following week where we allocate between 3-5 weeks depending on the size and specification. If you require Under floor heating then the process will take a couple of weeks longer due to the drying time of the flooring system.

How close can you build my garden room to my house, fence or outside obstacles?

We simply require a 400mm gap between your garden room and any solid obstacle, such as your house or irremovable fence etc. for construction purposes. A full site survey will determine this.

How close can my garden room be built to a wall, fence, boundary or obstacle?

Our construction methods mean that we can build as close as 400mm to any solid boundary or obstacle.
A full site survey will determine this.

Can your garden rooms be built as a ‘lean to’ against my house?

Our garden rooms must be free-standing due to the nature of their construction, meaning we cannot build them as a ‘lean-to’ extension. However, our construction methods mean that we can build as close as 400mm to any solid obstacle, such as your house.

Can you attach a garden room onto the side of my house?

Our garden room structures will need to remain free-standing due to the nature of their construction. However, we can build as close as 400mm to any solid obstacle, such as your house.

Can my completed garden room be moved to a different location at a later date?

Not all our garden rooms are built on solid foundations and either timber frame or SIP panel constructed and all our rooms have a plastered and painted finish and hence are not removable.

Are your garden rooms warm enough to use in winter?

Yes, they are warm enough to use throughout the year as they are all fully insulated.

Can I have dividing walls / separate rooms?

Yes, we can install partition walls in any of our larger sized garden rooms.
Please enquire for more details.

Will I be warm enough in the winter?

Absolutely! Our garden rooms are super-insulated and will keep you very warm and cosy in even the coldest weather. Our buildings are for all year round use and are probably the highest specification garden rooms available.

Can I take my room with me if I move?

NO -THEY DO NOT COME APART! Our buildings are designed and built to last for a lifetime as high performance, permanent buildings.

What is my roof made from?

Firestone EDPM is our standard roof option. It gives an excellent waterproof barrier to your garden roof structure and is specially designed for flat or low-sloped roofs. It is a durable rubber roofing membrane which is used worldwide. It has a life expectancy of more than 50 years with a 25 year weather security guarantee.
For clients looking for green roof to blend in with their garden, there are two main choices, a sedum roof or a wild meadow roof. It sits on top of an EDPM roof, and is a great way to finish your garden room. From an aerial perspective, sedum roofs blend with your garden, are environmentally-friendly and give great insulation.

How are the ceiling and walls finished?

Foil-backed plasterboard, plastered and skimmed.

How are the foundations built?

We work with building control to ensure we install the right foundations for your garden room. Taking into account soil conditions, slope of the garden and proximity to trees.
We then design foundations that cause the least disruption to your garden, the environment and ensures sign off by building control inspector.

What is the structure made from?

All our Garden Rooms are built using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) or when access is restricted or some larger sized rooms with multiple internal walls we will build using Timber Frame construction.

How do you insulated my garden room?

SIPs out-perform other building methods in virtually every thermal and structural category because the insulation is a component of the system, rather than an addition. As a consequence, they have exceptional thermal performance and u-values (drastically reducing your heating and energy bills) and making SIPs a truly environmentally friendly option.

Do your garden buildings come with heating?

We don’t specify a particular way off heating your room and tend to work with you to scope out the best most cost effective method for your room.
The main choices we offer are

  1. Underfloor heating
  2. Wall mounted electric heaters
  3. Duel air conditions /heating
  4. Log burning stoves

What space do you require around the garden room?

Garden rooms that are less than 15m² in size will need a minimum of 400mm from the external walls of the building to any boundary. Boundary rooms that are greater than 15m² require up to 1m gap from a boundary, fence, building, garage or tree in order to comply with current fire safety regulations

Do garden rooms need foundations?
Yes all our rooms require Foundations, our main foundations Galvanised Steel screws and the floor base is raised slightly above grounded level to ensure that no timber is in contact with the ground. This prevents rising damp and creates an air gap underneath to prevent moisture.

What space do you require around the garden room?

Garden rooms that are less than 15m² in size will need a minimum of 400mm from the external walls of the building to any boundary. Boundary rooms that are greater than 15m² require a 1m gap from a boundary in order to comply with current fire safety regulations.

What about the electricity supply?

The electric pack is always determined by a site survey and the size and specification in the room.
 It’s a legal requirement that a qualified electrician undertakes any domestic electrical work including the connection of the electrics in your garden room to your home’s main supply.
It’s a legal requirement that a qualified electrician undertakes any domestic electrical work including the connection of the electrics in your garden room to your home’s main supply.
There are optional electric items available such as a shower, water heater, tower rail and an internet/phone line. We work with several quaffed partners who have worked with us for many years and are all approved.

Can you create a completely bespoke garden room?

We are a 100% bespoke and have built multiple bespoke garden rooms that meet the individual requirements of our clients.
These have included Sauna and wetrooms, hot tub rooms, soundproofed garden rooms for musicians, hobby rooms, home offices and gyms. Our design team will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise what is and isn’t possible

What’s the insulation of your garden rooms like?

It’s amazing! No, really. Like our houses, we use high-performing Sip panels on most of our garden rooms. Now get ready for the science bit. We use the same technology that we do in our houses, so our garden rooms are thermally engineered to reduce heat loss and create an energy-efficient structure. The wall structure includes a vapour control layer, air barrier and low-emissivity breathable membrane.

What kind of foundations do your garden rooms use?

We normally use ground screws or concrete piles. If these aren’t appropriate for your garden, our construction team will use an alternative. If you already have a base in place, we might be able to build on that if you’re confident it will be strong enough.

How strong are your roofs?

All of our buildings have been designed by our in-house Architect. We’ve even thought about the load applied to the roof by a really big snowfall, this is all determined in the design stages and if needed we work with Structural engineers.

How secure will my doors and windows be?

Our windows and doors are double glazed to BS7412 specification and feature toughened glass double-glazing which is both safe and thermally efficient. The doors are fitted with security grade locks to help secure your room.

Is my garden room portable?

Unfortunately no, as they’re built on foundations our garden rooms are too sturdy to be moved should you want to rearrange your garden, so think carefully about your layout before committing to anything – our consultants can help you there!

How tall are your buildings?

Our garden rooms have been designed to fit beneath the 2.5 metre limitations of the Permitted Development rules, this gives you an internal ceiling height of 2.2 mtrs at the front and sloping off to 2.150mtrs at the back, so in the majority of cases planning permission will not be required.

For those of you who have space to locate your garden room at least 2 metres away from your boundaries, taller garden rooms are available.
These provide increased ceiling height within your garden room without the need to apply for planning permission.  We can extend the roof heights off all our rooms but this also requires full planning.

What kind of windows and doors can you supply and fit?

We install high-quality Aluminium doors and windows.
They are very secure with a multi-point locking euro lock system and a set of keys, extra available on request.
The main choices of doors and windows are

  1. Bi-folds
  2. Sliding
  3. French with sides
  4. Pencil windows
  5. Corner windows
  6. Roof lanterns

We can also supply the best quality bespoke bi-fold hardwood doors, these are made to order and require a longer lead time.

What is the construction of the walls? How strong are they?

In the majority of cases we use SIP panels. Where extra weight is required –
SIPs can be fabricated to suit any design of building, allowing architects the flexibility and creative freedom to create aesthetically pleasing designs.
Strength & Sound Proofing
SIP walls can be up to seven times stronger than conventional timber frame and our panels have excellent sound absorption properties.

We can also mount a 9mm OSB ply board directly behind the plasterboard inside. This can allow any user to easily mount a television or monitors, speaker brackets and shelves anywhere desired. If required we can hide the power source behind most appliances for a cable-free look.

What will my building be worth? If I move, can I take it with me?

Our studios are built using very high standards. It is possible to deconstruct the studio however your estate agent will advise that it is a huge asset and focal point of the sale. The cost of relocating would outweigh a new studio when the value added to the property is taken into account. In premium locations, the value added to the property can vastly outweigh the cost of our studio. Estate agents will confirm this. We can always build you a new one.

Do you use sub-contractors for your installations?

No we do not. To ensure the highest quality of your installation and longevity of your room, all our buildings are installed by our very own in-house team of trained staff.

How far away from the boundary do they need to be?

You will need to treat your timber throughout its life, so we would always recommend leaving an adequate gap big enough to fit a person through. Then depending on the height of your building will depend on the space you would need to leave between your room and any neighbouring boundaries.
We can establish this during the design and planning stages.

What timber do you use?

We are 100% bespoke and use multiple suppliers.
All of our timber is sourced from sustainable forests in countries with colder climates, so the wood is closer grained and heavier, avoiding the more open grained wood that has a greater tendency to twist or warp.


Yes, we only use high specification windows and door locks. Therefore your possessions are safe. We would always recommend keeping electrical items out of sight though. And speaking with your insurance company and letting them know you have a garden room, we can also recommend specialist insurers.


Yes, our buildings require a level, flat, solid surface prepared by a professional.

We recommend that the base the following criteria:
6” of hard-core and 6” of concrete will be sufficient. Our larger buildings you should consider reinforcing the slab with steel to stop cracking due to weight dispersion around the edges.
We will supply dimensions specific to your selected building.
For most buildings, we can construct within 1 day, some of the larger more complex buildings may take 2 days, and this is accounted for within the price of our buildings, so there are no surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Listening to what our clients want is what makes us tick.

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We know that choice is important to you, so we’ve brought a range of architect-designed rooms together with a variety of innovative and contemporary materials that enable you to create your own unique space. Whether you prefer a stone metal render or reclaimed timber finish there’s something for everyone in our range. Our materials and fixtures are sustainably sourced and energy efficient to create eco-friendly garden rooms that don’t ‘cost the earth’.

No matter what style of garden room you choose you can be assured that the design is backed up by our quality craftsmanship and delivered with care and attention to the very finest details by our personable and professional team.

A garden room can transform your lifestyle by expanding and enhancing the way in which you use the space you have. We want to help you make the dream a reality.

Our Clients Say

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“I cannot recommend Into the Garden Room highly enough. They managed the whole project, including design, obtaining the necessary consents and the build itself expertly and professionally. The onsite team were fantastic and the quality of our garden room is excellent. It is used daily and we love it. Highly highly recommended.”
Liz A • Client
“Absolutely delighted with my garden room. It has transformed my garden and added an extra living space that is enjoyed by all my family and friends. Andy and Paul were brilliant to work with and I would highly recommend them, as not only were they professional and efficient, they were a pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much for creating my dream garden space.”

Having had our room completed last week, we cannot speak highly enough of the entire service from Into the Garden room, from the initial consultation with Paul, right through the design, planning stages and to the choices of finishes and through to the onsite build team.

When the team came to install we were was blown away by how efficient knowledgeable and helpful they were, they communicated the whole process and talked us through every stage and also were able to fully maximise the space I had and even tweaked the designs for us.

Superb advice, unbelievably hard-working and had it wrapped up in 5 weeks.
It was a significant investment however worth every penny! Highly highly recommended.

Paul and Mel, Molesey, Surrey

Very Pleased – We engaged with Into The Garden Room shortly after we moved house. We wanted a space where we could build an office for remote working. We contacted Paul who visited us and sent us a proposal with costings. When we were ready to commence the team turned up on time, worked hard, and were both polite and professional. The project took about 6 weeks in total, and we were left with just what we had asked for, a beautiful solution that sits perfectly at the bottom of the garden.

Mr Upton, Client

Into the garden room team were lovely – Into the garden room team were lovely. All through the process they were considerate and kept us informed as things went along. The delivered a fabulous garden room in the timelines that we wanted. Would recommend.

AT, Client

Highly recommended – Had a garden room installed by this Surrey company, and wow, the whole experience was fantastic. The project came in on time, the garden room is simply fantastic and very high quality. It has totally transformed our property. Cannot recommend this company enough.

Elliott Barker, Client

Garden-Room/Studio – Wow O Wow what can I say.
What a great company with a great team behind them.
Very professional, thorough and honest.
We couldn’t be happier with our new Garden-room/Studio.
From the planing to the finish they have done a great job and kept us involved all they way through.
So a massive thank you to Paul, Marianne, Andy, Tony and the amazing team who helped to make our experience very special.

Martin Gibbs, Client

We were looking for a functional Garden… We were looking for a functional Garden Room that the whole family could use. A relaxing area and a room to entertain! From the first meeting, Paul gave us so many ideas, materials, colours and styles, and the whole team were fantastic. Professional, friendly and they worked incredibly hard. We now have the most beautiful room in our garden, that will be enjoyed by us all over the years ahead, Thank you!

Lucy Summerson, Client
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