Frequently Asked Questions

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 Questions and answers relating to your garden room journey.

Design FAQS


Can I install a toilet or shower in my garden room?

Yes absolutely. It is a query we receive very regularly and the installation of water and waste connections for toilets, sinks, showers and kitchen facilities is becoming more and more regular. The standard connection option is a very traditional method of trenching and connecting to the nearest mains foul drain and the nearest water supply. There are building control regulations we need to adhere to but this is something that we deal with for you so there is no need to worry, the connections will be all signed off by building control and paper work provided to you to prove it.

Can you create a custom-size building?

Yes we offer a full bespoke service and sizes, we do however offer a wide selection of sizes and styles of affordable garden offices to suit all tastes, garden sizes and budget.

Can you create custom shaped buildings?

Yes, we are 100% Bespoke

Can you attach a garden room to the side of a house?

Unfortunately not at the moment, all the current ranges are designed to be free-standing.

How close to a boundary can you install a garden room?

Our recommendation would be a minimum of 500mm for maintenance purposes.
For garden rooms that are over 15m², we will require a 1m gap between the garden room and any solid obstacle to avoid Building Regulations kicking in!

How high are  garden rooms?

Most of our ranges sit at 2.5 m high and are therefore planning-friendly. We also offer 3.2m high buildings which may require planning permission in some circumstances.

Can you include partition walls?

Yes, we can install partition walls and internal doors in all of our garden rooms.

Can you fit solar panels?

Currently, we do not fit solar panels to our garden rooms.

Can you fit skylights and roof lanterns?

Yes, our team will discuss the options with you during the site consultation and these will be added to your quotation accordingly.

How do I get electricity to my garden room?

We offer the full end-to-end service, from ground works to installation, to electrical connection and commissioning. The costs for these services will be provided on our quotation following your site consultation.

How do I get the internet into my garden room?

We offer two solutions for internet connectivity:
• Wi-Fi extenders, where you simply insert one of the plugs into a wall socket and connect the included patch cable into your home router, you then insert the other plug into a wall socket in your garden room. This method sends your internet signal through the power network of your home and replicates your home Wi-Fi in your building. This is a good solution for buildings that are not far away from the main house and where there is a strong Wi-Fi signal.
• Run a full armoured CAT 6 network cable from the router in your house to the garden building. This would be the better solution if your Wi-Fi signal is not good and the garden room is not close to the main house. This will usually follow the same route as your main power cable and we can quote for this at your site consultation.

Do you offer plumbing services?

Yes we do, we work with several partners and  if you want to add at a later date we can also install partitioned areas in readiness for you to install at a later date.

Can I have a toilet in a garden room?

Yes, you can!

Can I install a hot tub or sauna in one of your buildings?

Unfortunately no, they are not designed to withstand excessive humidity.
You can however install a hot tub under one of our extended canopy designs.

Can you install a wood burner?

Yes this is a service we offer but work with several partners or customers preferred partners. We can include fire resistant panels and reinforce the floor, in and around where the wood burner is to be located. In terms of heating, the heat retention properties in all of our insulated garden offices are so efficient that this level of heating would not be required.

What interior finishes do you offer?

All our buildings are supplied as standard with a plastered and painted finish meaning no fuss, no cracking and minimal maintenance. We do, however, offer a range of painted finishes to meet all tastes and our team will be happy to discuss them with you at your site consultation.

Do you offer a plastered finish?


Do you offer any internal painting?

Yes. Many of our interior finishes are painted – usually in a neutral tone – but can be in any colour of your choice.

What heating options do you provide?

All of our insulated garden offices are supplied with a wall mounted radiator.
We also offer underfloor heating and a climate control system.

Can I have underfloor heating?

Yes, we do offer underfloor heating as an optional extra. However, the heat retention properties in all of our garden rooms are so efficient, that this level of heating would not be required.
The main choices we offer are

  1. Underfloor heating
  2. Wall mounted electric heaters
  3. Duel air conditions /heating
  4. Log burning stoves

Can you soundproof the buildings?

We currently do not offer a completely sound-proof solution for our garden rooms. We can, however, offer a noise reduction pack by sound-reducing insulation (which reduces the transfer of sound to approximately -45db –), a sound-reducing membrane and acoustic glass.

Although we use industry-leading acoustic glass, this is the least effective component, so please bear in mind that the more glass you include in your garden room, the lesser the effect the noise reduction pack will have.

How do I get the internet into my garden room?

We offer two solutions for internet connectivity.
The first is called ‘Home Plug’: Simply insert one of the plugs into a wall socket and connect the included patch cable into your home router, then insert the other plug into a wall socket in your garden room. This method sends your internet signal through the power network of your home and replicates your home Wi-Fi in your building.
The second solution is to run a full armoured CAT 6 network cable from the router in your house to the garden building. This will usually follow the same route as your main power cable and we can quote for this at your free design consultation.

Do your garden rooms come with heating?

Not as standard as we like to offer all our clients choices, most rooms are heated  with a free-standing oil filled radiator. We also offer a variety of heating options including wall mounted radiators, underfloor heating and air conditioning.
The main choices we offer are

  1. Underfloor heating
  2. Wall mounted electric heaters
  3. Duel air conditions /heating
  4. Log burning stoves

 Do you offer plumbing?

If you are looking to install a bathroom or other facility that would require water to your building, we would be happy to introduce our preferred plumbers or liaise with your plumber of choice to ensure they are comfortable carrying out all plumbing work required to and from the building.

Do you offer painting?

Yes all our rooms are quoted for a plastered and painted finish
If you should opt to have your garden room building plastered, you can either paint the internal walls yourself or have our professional painter do it for you. If you choose to paint the room yourself, it’s worth noting that there will be no flooring, skirting or electrics to contend with as we will install these elements after painting making it far easier for you to complete.

Do you offer an electrical connection from my house to my garden room?

We offer a complete electrical connection from your house to the garden room at an additional cost, which will be confirmed at your design consultation. However, you are more than welcome to use your own preferred electrician for this.

Can you design my garden room as a custom shape?

Yes – we are 100% Bespoke

Can you create a completely bespoke garden room for me?

Yes we offer  fully bespoke building options. However, we do offer many different sizes and styles to suit your tastes and budget. We will create a full design with you and explain your options as part of your free no-obligation quote. Get in touch with our Sales & Design team today to find out more.

Can I paint/stain the outside of my garden room?

The building will not need painting or staining, all our rooms are unique and based on your choice of claddings,  however if you would like to change the colour, you can paint or stain your garden room with a water based substance without damaging the protective properties in the wood.

Can I decorate my new garden office myself?

Of course! We always remember that we are building your room and not one for ourselves so we are very happy for our clients to be as involved as much they like. Most clients are very happy to let us look after everything but you can choose how involved you get.

What external cladding options do I have?

Canadian Redwood Cedar cladding is our most popular choice; it is a natural and sustainable product. It is a very effective insulator, requires very little maintenance and it lasts for decades. Best of all cedar cladding looks great and can be stained almost any colour. Most of our clients go with an oiled finish to seal the wood against silvering off.
We also offer a cement fibre weatherboard as a low maintenance, rot free alternative to traditional timber weatherboarding. It comes in a range of 23 factory applied colours, and has a life expectancy of 50 years.
The other main choices are
Reclaimed wood
Shou Sufi ban burnt Japanese wood cladding
Composite cladding
Aboddo wood

How do I get electricity into my garden?

We have a team of qualified electricians that install all of the electrical wiring, lighting, switches, Coax and Cat 6 cables. The electrical installation is fully tested and we issue an electrical certificate on completion of your garden room.

What type of floor do you fit inside my garden room?

We offer a wide range of flooring. The most popular choice is engineered wooden flooring. We carry a range of samples so you can create the unique finish you’re looking for.

Can I choose my doors and windows?

Yes, we offer a wide range of aluminum and uPVC doors in either bifold, sliding or French door styles. All come with energy rated double glazing as standard.

Can you create a completely bespoke garden room?

We have built countless bespoke garden rooms that meet the individual requirements of our clients. These have included wheelchair-friendly rooms, hot tub garden building, soundproofed garden rooms for musicians, hobby rooms, home offices and gyms. Our design team will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise what is and isn’t possible

Can I have dividing walls (or separate rooms)?

You can divide the internal space inside your garden room with partition walls. These allow the creation of separate spaces for a multitude of purposes. This is useful if you require an extra area for the storage of tools, cycles, garden machinery or anything else. You might wish to create a separate space for working and one to relax

Can you soundproof my garden room?

Many people like to use their garden rooms as a music room and are concerned about soundproofing. You can deaden the sound that escapes from a garden room by using acoustic glass, acoustic insulation and other acoustic materials. This leaves you free to practice without fear of upsetting the neighbours! Our professional sales team can help advise you what might be possible.

Can I install a wood burner into my garden room?

You certainly can install a wood burner in your garden room. In fact, a wood burner is a great way to create a cosy space inside your garden room. Because of the size of garden rooms, you will be limited in terms of what size burner you can install. Smaller burners tend to be more efficient which will save you money. Local regulations apply that determine the type of burner that can be used in some areas
In most cases a log Burner will also request a 2 mtr external Flue and a hearth to protect the flooring system.

Can I decorate my new garden office myself?

You can decorate your garden office according to your tastes. Garden room interiors are as varied as the people who own them. Try something contemporary or go for a classic rustic chic. Although much will depend on what you intend to use the garden room for, the choice of interior decoration is entirely down to you. We do offer an interior design service.

Can my garden room be a custom shape?

Yes, if our build system allows it – in other words, but please don’t ask for a zocchihedron.

Will my garden room support solar panels?

We don’t fit solar panels to our rooms at the moment. It’s possible to do so, but you need to take advice from specialist providers as the structure of our roofs aren’t built to support solar panels. Also, they may take your building height above the Permitted Development guidelines.

Do you include soundproofing?

Our garden rooms are built to similar engineering standards as our houses. Whilst this means they do have good acoustic properties, they won’t be completely soundproof. If you’re planning to use your garden room for band practice or something equally noisy, we can specify certain options to improve performance – just let us know at your free design consultation.

Can my garden room attach to my house?

Our garden rooms are freestanding, but we can build as close as 500mm to any existing structure (including your fence or house!).

Can my garden room connect to my house’s electricity supply?

Yes, and we offer a complete electrical installation in the garden room. We provide a quote for connection separately, which will be confirmed following your design consultation. Alternatively, you can arrange your own connection.

Will you plumb my garden room?

This work will need to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations and may mean that you need planning permission. If you need a water supply we’re happy to organise through our specialist partners to chat to your plumber of choice. Just remember that this will need to meet Building Regs and might mean you need to get planning permission.

What’s the flooring in your garden rooms?

We offer a range of laminate, vinyl and engineered timber floor finishes.

Can I use my garden room all year round?

Yes, they’re so well insulated that they can be used throughout the year. All our garden rooms benefit from the thermal expertise we use to build our houses, and also come with a heater for those rare snowy days!

Can I split my garden room into different rooms?

Absolutely, we can install partition walls (and internal doors, of course) in any of our larger sized rooms!

Will my garden room be able to have a roof-light?

Yes we offer roof-lights as an option, but you may require full planning as the extra heath will push it from Permitted development rights/

Can my garden room have a bathroom?

You’d have to make applications for planning permission and Building Regulations for anything that needs plumbing, and that includes kitchens too.

Can my garden room have underfloor heating?

Yes it can, but our garden rooms are so warm that this isn’t essential.

Can my garden room have a wood burner?

It can, but we don’t feel you really require it. Our garden rooms are so toasty that extra heating measures aren’t needed. Swap out the wood burner for some extra space!

Will my garden room come in a colour?

The outside of your garden room shouldn’t need any painting or staining once it’s completed. However, if you want to create something funky, you can use a water-based paint or stain that’s safe for the wood, so you can be as bold as you like! Talk to our design team.

Can I get internet in my garden room?

Of course you can! We can run external grade CAT 6 network cable from your house router to the garden room. This will usually follow the same route as your main power cable – we can quote for this after your free design consultation.

What are the external finish options?

We offer three external timber cladding options; Thermowood, Siberian larch or western red cedar. Each can be left to weather naturally or you can choose to finish them with the colour of your choice.
The other main choices are
Reclaimed wood
Shou Sufi ban burnt Japanese wood cladding
Composite cladding
Aboddo wood

What security do you offer?

We are happy to work with your alarm system supplier to connect the Studio office to your existing alarm system.

Can I connect my phone and internet?

Yes, you can, please speak to one of our team we will be happy to help.

How many different designs of garden rooms do you have?

We have 3 different ranges
1 Premier range of rooms

  1. Signature range of rooms
  2. Bespoke rooms

All in varying sizes, We are also able to provide bespoke garden rooms built to your every need.
For a quote on a bespoke room call our dedicated sales team on

Does each room come in different sizes?

Not all garden rooms come in different sizes, please refer to our garden room profiles or your brochure for more information on room sizes. We do however offer bespoke garden rooms that are made to measure, for more information contact your nearest branch.

Can I heat my garden room?

Yes, you can. You can choose to control the temperature of your garden room with one of our climate control units. This will provide a great source of warmth in the winter months and ice cold air for cooling in the summer. All units are professionally installed byCertified electricians and each is timer and thermostat controlled.

Can you provide a garden room specific to ourselves?

Yes, we can offer a bespoke garden room service. Let one of our sales team help you utilize your space and design your very own unique building. You can choose the size, where the doors and windows are positioned along with any internal walls and internal door openings you may wish to include.

Can we add windows or doors to the original design?

Yes, this is certainly possible, please contact the sales team to find out more information.

Can you provide climate control units?

Yes, we offer either 2.5kw or 3.5kw climate control units (depending on the size of your cabin). These are supplied and professionally fitted by our own electricians and specialist partners.
You will also need to facilitate the external unit for all air conditioning units.

Are you able to add verandas to your garden room?

Yes, a veranda can be added but may impact permitted development rights.

Can you provide decking, ropes and posts?

Yes, please contact us for a quote


The simple answer is yes, but we may need to strengthen and understand weights etc


In relation to the frames, glazing, polycarbonate roof, tile effect roof, roof glazing, door and window locks? YES, all documents are freely available upon request. Please email us at requesting the information you require.


YES, we have many customers who have installed blinds throughout their building.
Most of our rooms come with the options to include factory fitted blinds, We can also recommend someone to fit blinds? Yes. We have a couple of preferred suppliers of blinds.


Yes, Can we recommend an air conditioning unit. The answer is No. We have no preferred supplier of air conditioning units and he will help and advise you on these.


Yes – we can discuss these options with you.

Listening to what our clients want is what makes us tick.

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We know that choice is important to you, so we’ve brought a range of architect-designed rooms together with a variety of innovative and contemporary materials that enable you to create your own unique space. Whether you prefer a stone metal render or reclaimed timber finish there’s something for everyone in our range. Our materials and fixtures are sustainably sourced and energy efficient to create eco-friendly garden rooms that don’t ‘cost the earth’.

No matter what style of garden room you choose you can be assured that the design is backed up by our quality craftsmanship and delivered with care and attention to the very finest details by our personable and professional team.

A garden room can transform your lifestyle by expanding and enhancing the way in which you use the space you have. We want to help you make the dream a reality.

Our Clients Say

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“I cannot recommend Into the Garden Room highly enough. They managed the whole project, including design, obtaining the necessary consents and the build itself expertly and professionally. The onsite team were fantastic and the quality of our garden room is excellent. It is used daily and we love it. Highly highly recommended.”
Liz A • Client
“Absolutely delighted with my garden room. It has transformed my garden and added an extra living space that is enjoyed by all my family and friends. Andy and Paul were brilliant to work with and I would highly recommend them, as not only were they professional and efficient, they were a pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much for creating my dream garden space.”

Having had our room completed last week, we cannot speak highly enough of the entire service from Into the Garden room, from the initial consultation with Paul, right through the design, planning stages and to the choices of finishes and through to the onsite build team.

When the team came to install we were was blown away by how efficient knowledgeable and helpful they were, they communicated the whole process and talked us through every stage and also were able to fully maximise the space I had and even tweaked the designs for us.

Superb advice, unbelievably hard-working and had it wrapped up in 5 weeks.
It was a significant investment however worth every penny! Highly highly recommended.

Paul and Mel, Molesey, Surrey

Very Pleased – We engaged with Into The Garden Room shortly after we moved house. We wanted a space where we could build an office for remote working. We contacted Paul who visited us and sent us a proposal with costings. When we were ready to commence the team turned up on time, worked hard, and were both polite and professional. The project took about 6 weeks in total, and we were left with just what we had asked for, a beautiful solution that sits perfectly at the bottom of the garden.

Mr Upton, Client

Into the garden room team were lovely – Into the garden room team were lovely. All through the process they were considerate and kept us informed as things went along. The delivered a fabulous garden room in the timelines that we wanted. Would recommend.

AT, Client

Highly recommended – Had a garden room installed by this Surrey company, and wow, the whole experience was fantastic. The project came in on time, the garden room is simply fantastic and very high quality. It has totally transformed our property. Cannot recommend this company enough.

Elliott Barker, Client

Garden-Room/Studio – Wow O Wow what can I say.
What a great company with a great team behind them.
Very professional, thorough and honest.
We couldn’t be happier with our new Garden-room/Studio.
From the planing to the finish they have done a great job and kept us involved all they way through.
So a massive thank you to Paul, Marianne, Andy, Tony and the amazing team who helped to make our experience very special.

Martin Gibbs, Client

We were looking for a functional Garden… We were looking for a functional Garden Room that the whole family could use. A relaxing area and a room to entertain! From the first meeting, Paul gave us so many ideas, materials, colours and styles, and the whole team were fantastic. Professional, friendly and they worked incredibly hard. We now have the most beautiful room in our garden, that will be enjoyed by us all over the years ahead, Thank you!

Lucy Summerson, Client
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