Frequently Asked Questions

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 Questions and answers relating to your garden room journey.

Site Survey FAQs


How long is a site survey?
This will depend on the complexity of your project and your intended build site, but a survey will generally last around an hour max 2 hours. Our team will walk through your plans with you, ensuring all your wishes are considered and take a look over the proposed build site to discuss any potential complications or design recommendations etc.

How long after a survey will I get a quote?

We will turn around your quote as soon as possible and aim to do so within 3-5 days. Sometimes we will work on designs with you following the survey, and we will not quote until we have settled on the perfect design so it may be a little longer. However, normally we will have settled on a design on the survey so will not need to go through this process.

What if access to my garden or site is difficult?

Generally, there is not a site we cannot build in. Our buildings are modular, the panels and other materials we use for construction can be carried to difficult to access sites through or over most obstacles. We have erected buildings on sites where we had to carry materials through mid terrace houses, through windows, through first floor flats, over balconies, and many other hard to access locations.

Do I have to do my own clearance and groundwork?

Yes you can if you would like to do.
If you would like us to, we can work with ur specialist partners to clear site for you, and we can even complete certain groundworks.

How long does a site consultation take?

A ITTGR  site consultation generally takes between 60-90 minutes.

Do I need to be present at the site consultation?

Yes, please. We always ask that all decision makers are present, as we will discuss all aspects of your garden room.

How long does it take to get a site consultation appointment?

We always aim to visit within 1-2 weeks of your enquiry.

How much does it cost for a site consultation?

Absolutely nothing! A ITTGR site consultation is completely free of charge, with absolutely no obligation to purchase a Garden room.

Which days do you carry out site surveys?
We carry out site consultations Monday through to Fridays during the day time. Call us  to arrange a visit.

Does the area I want to install the garden room in need to be clear and accessible?

Not necessarily. Our Consultant just needs to see the area that you wish to site the building on and must be able to measure all boundaries.

What will happen at my site consultation?

Our friendly team will assess your site, including access and the chosen location to ensure that your desired building will fit and can be installed on your site. He will then sit with you to design the actual building, discuss all options available to you, answer any questions you may have and provide indicative costs. A formal quotation will follow on within a couple of days.

Do I need to be present at my design consultation?

We ask that all decision-makers are present at the design consultation. Your design consultant will look at the space available as well as your access and tell you what size buildings you can have. They’ll design your room with you, placing doors and windows on the building and select electrical and internal options. At the end of the consultation, you’ll know exactly how much your building will cost and what work needs doing.

Do I need to remove trees and shrubs before my design consultation?

Generally speaking, as long as your design consultant can see and get to the boundaries to measure the area then there is no need to remove any trees or shrubs before your design consultation.

Does the area that I want to have the garden room need to be level before installation?

Not before your design consultation. our design team will be able to tell you how much levelling needs doing before the base team arrive.

How is my electrical quote made up?

Our team  will talk to you about the different ways of running electrics. We run a cable from the fusebox in the house to the fusebox (consumer unit) installed in the garden room. They will also look to see if you have any spare capacity in your existing fusebox, or if you’ll need a sub consumer unit installed. The quote will include a part P certificate sign off by our fully qualified electricians.

How long does the design consultation take?

Please allow one hour for virtual design consultations and just over an hour for on-site design consultations.

I live in a flat, can I still have a design consultation?

Yes, you can! However, when it comes to checking –  For more details on planning permissions for garden rooms and your property types see our general outlines on our Planning Permission page, or visit

On average, what is the lead time for a design consultation appointment?

Design consultation lead times are typically one to three weeks, but this may be less for virtual design consultations. We may also be able to get to you sooner if we have a team member in your area for an on-site design consultation.

On what days do you perform design consultations?

We offer on-site design consultations Monday through to Fridays during the day. We also offer virtual design consultations throughout the week.. If you would like to talk to us about booking one, please submit a design consultation enquiry.

What access do you need?

Your design consultant will assess the access to your property. Our roof and floor panels come in solid one metre wide panels. A 3m deep building will typically have a panel which is 3-4m long, so we need to be able to walk this through your side access or house.

What will happen at my on-site design consultation?

The design consultant will come to your house and usually start in the garden. They’ll look at the space you have available and tell you what size of building you can fit in your space. They’ll also assess the access and give you a quote for both electrical and network connection from your home to the garden room. The design consultant will also be able to show you samples of our building construction, complete a design consultation, site survey and answer any questions you have.

Will I be given a quote at my design consultation?

Your design consultant will be able to give you a price for both the building and the electrical/network connection. A complete price will be given with no ‘hidden extras’ at a later date

What do I have to do before your team arrive on site?

We ask that the site is clear of existing structures, trees and shrubs etc but if this is difficult for you we are always happy to quote for this.

How should I prepare my site area?

Before foundations can be laid and the garden room installed, you should ensure that the chosen site is free of trees, branches and plants that could restrict access. The site should be level enough for a garden room. Any pipework that needs to be installed for water or sewerage should be carried out at this point.

What happens at my onsite consultation?

Our design consultant will visit you at home, usually beginning in the garden. They’ll take a look at the space and discuss what size of garden room will fit in your garden. They’ll also think about access and arrange for any other quotations that are needed. The consultant will also be able to explain how we build, discuss likely timescales, and steer you through the options at your disposal.

Can I have a virtual consultation?

Of course you can! These are free of charge, but our consultant will need to visit the site at some point before they can give you a quotation.

At the consultation will I get a full quotation?

Your design consultant will be able to give you a price for the standard garden room. Other individual extras and the electrical package will be subject to further quotation. The good news is that we’ll always provide a fixed price before you place an order.

How soon can I get a design consultation appointment?

Usually within a week or two. This may be less for virtual consultations.

How long will the design consultation last?

A free design consultation can take up to 2 hours… depending on how good the biscuits are!

Do I have to pay for my design consultation?

Not at all, regardless of whether you buy a garden room from us or not.

Do I have to be there for my design consultation?

Yes, and we’re sure you’ll agree that decision makers should be present! We’ll take a detailed examination of your space and go through everything you need to know, including size of garden room and access. At the end of your consultation with one of our lovely bunch, you’ll know the exact price your garden room will be – any specific alterations may need a quotation.

Do I have to level the ground before my consultation?

Luckily our consultants are an imaginative bunch, so they’ll be able to work out where things will go without you having to do this first. You will need to level the ground before installation, but they’ll tell you exactly how much ground to remove and to what depth.

Do I have to remove trees and shrubs before my consultation?

Our consultants are very good at visualising, so you’ll be saved that physical labour. They’ll be able to tell you what site clearance actually needs doing – there’s no point digging up that huge conifer if you don’t need to! Your consultant will also let you know how much levelling should be done before our installation team arrive.

What access is required?

Typically we will need a pedestrian path (1m wide X 2m high) to access the location. Our design consultant can assess the access at your onsite consultation and will advise if there is anything we might need changing. But don’t worry, we’re quite adaptable!

If I already have a concrete slab in place, can this be used?

Yes, as long as the slab’s structurally sound, of course. However, if the existing base is too high, then your garden room will exceed 2.5 metres and need planning permission. Your design consultant will be able to advise. Where planning permission is required we can assist in this process subject to an additional charge.

What groundwork is needed before my garden room can be built?

We need you to have cleared the base area and surrounding working space. We’ll explain what needs to be done so there’s no guessing required.

I have very limited access to my garden, can you still install?

We can survey the area by video documentation and determine if we can install. If very complicated we will personally survey the site to see if it is possible.

Are the measurements internal or external?
The measurements are all external and dimensions are taken from the full length of timber, end to end. These measurements do not take into account any overhang dependent on your chosen building . For example, if a Room is listed as 4m x 3m and has an overhang of 0.5m its birds-eye measurements would be 4.5m x 3m. (Overhangs are stated on all  profiles where applicable) We can provide drawings upon request.


Yes we will –

Frequently Asked Questions

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We know that choice is important to you, so we’ve brought a range of architect-designed rooms together with a variety of innovative and contemporary materials that enable you to create your own unique space. Whether you prefer a stone metal render or reclaimed timber finish there’s something for everyone in our range. Our materials and fixtures are sustainably sourced and energy efficient to create eco-friendly garden rooms that don’t ‘cost the earth’.

No matter what style of garden room you choose you can be assured that the design is backed up by our quality craftsmanship and delivered with care and attention to the very finest details by our personable and professional team.

A garden room can transform your lifestyle by expanding and enhancing the way in which you use the space you have. We want to help you make the dream a reality.

Our Clients Say

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“I cannot recommend Into the Garden Room highly enough. They managed the whole project, including design, obtaining the necessary consents and the build itself expertly and professionally. The onsite team were fantastic and the quality of our garden room is excellent. It is used daily and we love it. Highly highly recommended.”
Liz A • Client
“Absolutely delighted with my garden room. It has transformed my garden and added an extra living space that is enjoyed by all my family and friends. Andy and Paul were brilliant to work with and I would highly recommend them, as not only were they professional and efficient, they were a pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much for creating my dream garden space.”

Having had our room completed last week, we cannot speak highly enough of the entire service from Into the Garden room, from the initial consultation with Paul, right through the design, planning stages and to the choices of finishes and through to the onsite build team.

When the team came to install we were was blown away by how efficient knowledgeable and helpful they were, they communicated the whole process and talked us through every stage and also were able to fully maximise the space I had and even tweaked the designs for us.

Superb advice, unbelievably hard-working and had it wrapped up in 5 weeks.
It was a significant investment however worth every penny! Highly highly recommended.

Paul and Mel, Molesey, Surrey

Very Pleased – We engaged with Into The Garden Room shortly after we moved house. We wanted a space where we could build an office for remote working. We contacted Paul who visited us and sent us a proposal with costings. When we were ready to commence the team turned up on time, worked hard, and were both polite and professional. The project took about 6 weeks in total, and we were left with just what we had asked for, a beautiful solution that sits perfectly at the bottom of the garden.

Mr Upton, Client

Into the garden room team were lovely – Into the garden room team were lovely. All through the process they were considerate and kept us informed as things went along. The delivered a fabulous garden room in the timelines that we wanted. Would recommend.

AT, Client

Highly recommended – Had a garden room installed by this Surrey company, and wow, the whole experience was fantastic. The project came in on time, the garden room is simply fantastic and very high quality. It has totally transformed our property. Cannot recommend this company enough.

Elliott Barker, Client

Garden-Room/Studio – Wow O Wow what can I say.
What a great company with a great team behind them.
Very professional, thorough and honest.
We couldn’t be happier with our new Garden-room/Studio.
From the planing to the finish they have done a great job and kept us involved all they way through.
So a massive thank you to Paul, Marianne, Andy, Tony and the amazing team who helped to make our experience very special.

Martin Gibbs, Client

We were looking for a functional Garden… We were looking for a functional Garden Room that the whole family could use. A relaxing area and a room to entertain! From the first meeting, Paul gave us so many ideas, materials, colours and styles, and the whole team were fantastic. Professional, friendly and they worked incredibly hard. We now have the most beautiful room in our garden, that will be enjoyed by us all over the years ahead, Thank you!

Lucy Summerson, Client
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