Can you put a toilet in a garden shed?

Installing a toilet in a garden shed is quite a task, and the best option may be to create a simple hole-in-the-ground design or a compost toilet. However, we can easily install a fully-functioning toilet in one of our garden rooms. We can create garden rooms with full plumbing so you can have a separate toilet area if you want, and this will work just the same as the toilet in your home. ""

Do you need planning permission for a garden lodge?

Most garden rooms do not require any planning permission, but there are certain rules you need to stick to. For example, the overall size of the garden room must be no larger than 10m x 10m, and the eaves must be no higher than 2.5 metres. There are several other rules to follow, and we will be happy to advise you on these when you are choosing the design of your garden room. ""

How big can I build a cabin without planning permission?

You can build a garden cabin without planning permission as long as you make sure it is under 10m x 10m in size, and it does not go over 3 metres in height in most cases, or 2.5 metres if it is located within 2 metres of the property’s boundary. Most of our garden cabins are within these specifications so you do not require planning permission.

What can you build in your garden without planning permission?

If you do not want the hassle of applying for planning permission, your garden room must meet specific requirements. As well as the maximum size, you can only build a garden room that is up to 50% of your garden’s total area, which includes your front garden. It must also not be used as a permanent bedroom. There are also some specific requirements for listed properties and those in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Please ask if you would like further information.

Can you sleep in a log cabin in your garden?

You can comfortably sleep in one of our high-quality insulated log cabins, and many people use their garden rooms as guest rooms. However, there are rules about living in a garden room. If you want to use your garden room as a permanent bedroom, it’s best to seek advice from a specialist.

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