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What membrane to put under a floor in garden rooms?

Using a damp-proof membrane is a good idea because it will help to protect your garden room. There are various types of membranes that you can put under the floor in your garden room. One of the best options is to use an epoxy liquid membrane. ""

How to heat a garden room?

The easiest way to heat a garden room is to use a simple electric convection heater. Our garden rooms come with electricity sockets so you can easily plug in a small heater. Because our garden rooms are also fully insulated, it should not take long to heat your room, even on the coldest winter days. ""

How to build a wooden garden room?

Building a wooden garden room requires specialist skills and knowledge. Our 6-step process covers the whole process from inquiry to construction, and the construction phase lasts up to eight weeks. If you build your own garden room, you will need to first design it, then lay the foundations, construct the timber building, install insulation, plumbing and electrics, and finally paint it. But it is a large task, so most people prefer to hire a specialist. ""

How to divide a garden into rooms?

Even if you have a small garden, you may still be able to get a garden room to divide up the space. We can provide you with a garden room that is separated into different rooms. Some garden rooms consist of a single room that is divided into different zones, while other garden rooms have separate rooms with their own entrances, so it depends on what you want. ""

How to furnish a garden room?

You can furnish your garden room any way you wish, just like you would a room in your home. The furniture you use depends on how you will use it. For example, you could add a desk, chairs and shelves for a garden office, or you could furnish it with comfy chairs and a sofa if you want to use it as a place to relax. ""

How much are garden rooms?

Garden rooms come in a wide range of prices, and the cost will depend on the size of the garden room, the quality of the materials used, the amount of insulation and the company you choose to design and build your garden room. To give you a general idea, our garden rooms often cost between £23,000 and £35,000, which covers the design, build and project management.

What is the difference between a garden room and a conservatory?

Garden rooms are separate buildings that are not attached to the main property. They are put up in the garden and used as an extra space like a guest bedroom or garden office. A conservatory, on the other hand, is built onto the side of the property. Conservatories are typically made using glass while a garden room is made of timber. However, they may look similar because garden rooms can also have large windows.

What is an indoor garden room called?

An indoor garden room is different from a standard garden room. This is typically a room in the house that is used to grow plants, a bit like an indoor greenhouse, and it is more likely to be housed in a conservatory. A garden room, on the other hand, is a separate building located in the garden away from the house.

What is a garden room UK?

Garden rooms in the UK are high-quality timber buildings that are designed off-site and then erected in the owner’s garden. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles, and they are made to a very high standard. They are fully insulated and are comfortable to use throughout the year. They do not usually require planning permission, and they are used for a wide range of purposes.

What is a garden room extension?

A garden room extension is simply another name for a garden room. Normally, an extension is used to describe the process of adding an extra room onto a house or enlarging an existing room. Garden rooms, on the other hand, are completely separate from the house. However, they are often referred to as garden room extensions even though they are separate from the main building.

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