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Are the measurements internal or external?

The measurements are all external and dimensions are taken from the full length of timber, end to end. These measurements do not take into account any overhang dependent on your chosen building . For example, if a Room is listed as 4m x 3m and has an overhang of 0.5m its birds-eye measurements would be 4.5m x 3m. (Overhangs are stated on all  profiles where applicable) We can provide drawings upon request.

If I already have a concrete slab in place, can this be used?

Yes, as long as the slab’s structurally sound, of course. However, if the existing base is too high, then your garden room will exceed 2.5 metres and need planning permission. Your design consultant will be able to advise. Where planning permission is required we can assist in this process subject to an additional charge.

What access is required?

Typically we will need a pedestrian path (1m wide X 2m high) to access the location. Our design consultant can assess the access at your onsite consultation and will advise if there is anything we might need changing. But don’t worry, we’re quite adaptable!

Do I have to remove trees and shrubs before my consultation?

Our consultants are very good at visualising, so you’ll be saved that physical labour. They’ll be able to tell you what site clearance actually needs doing – there’s no point digging up that huge conifer if you don’t need to! Your consultant will also let you know how much levelling should be done before our installation team arrive.

Do I have to level the ground before my consultation?

Luckily our consultants are an imaginative bunch, so they’ll be able to work out where things will go without you having to do this first. You will need to level the ground before installation, but they’ll tell you exactly how much ground to remove and to what depth.

Do I have to be there for my design consultation?

Yes, and we’re sure you’ll agree that decision makers should be present! We’ll take a detailed examination of your space and go through everything you need to know, including size of garden room and access. At the end of your consultation with one of our lovely bunch, you’ll know the exact price your garden room will be – any specific alterations may need a quotation.

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