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Do I need a base for the building?

Yes, our buildings require a level, flat, solid surface prepared by a professional. We recommend that the base the following criteria: 6” of hard-core and 6” of concrete will be sufficient. Our larger buildings you should consider reinforcing the slab with steel to stop cracking due to weight dispersion around the edges. We will supply dimensions specific to your selected building. For most buildings, we can construct within 1 day, some of the larger more complex buildings may take 2 days, and this is accounted for within the price of our buildings, so there are no surprises.

Are the buildings secure?

Yes, we only use high specification windows and door locks. Therefore your possessions are safe. We would always recommend keeping electrical items out of sight though. And speaking with your insurance company and letting them know you have a garden room, we can also recommend specialist insurers.

What timber do you use?

We are 100% bespoke and use multiple suppliers. All of our timber is sourced from sustainable forests in countries with colder climates, so the wood is closer grained and heavier, avoiding the more open grained wood that has a greater tendency to twist or warp.

How far away from the boundary do they need to be?

You will need to treat your timber throughout its life, so we would always recommend leaving an adequate gap big enough to fit a person through. Then depending on the height of your building will depend on the space you would need to leave between your room and any neighbouring boundaries. We can establish this during the design and planning stages.

What will my building be worth? If I move, can I take it with me?

Our studios are built using very high standards. It is possible to deconstruct the studio however your estate agent will advise that it is a huge asset and focal point of the sale. The cost of relocating would outweigh a new studio when the value added to the property is taken into account. In premium locations, the value added to the property can vastly outweigh the cost of our studio. Estate agents will confirm this. We can always build you a new one.

Strength & Sound Proofing

SIP walls can be up to seven times stronger than conventional timber frame and our panels have excellent sound absorption properties. We can also mount a 9mm OSB ply board directly behind the plasterboard inside. This can allow any user to easily mount a television or monitors, speaker brackets and shelves anywhere desired. If required we can hide the power source behind most appliances for a cable-free look.

What kind of windows and doors can you supply and fit?

We install high-quality Aluminium doors and windows. They are very secure with a multi-point locking euro lock system and a set of keys, extra available on request. The main choices of doors and windows are Bi-folds Sliding French with sides Pencil windows Corner windows Roof lanterns We can also supply the best quality bespoke bi-fold hardwood doors, these are made to order and require a longer lead time.

How tall are your buildings?

Our garden rooms have been designed to fit beneath the 2.5 metre limitations of the Permitted Development rules, this gives you an internal ceiling height of 2.2 mtrs at the front and sloping off to 2.150mtrs at the back, so in the majority of cases planning permission will not be required. For those of you who have space to locate your garden room at least 2 metres away from your boundaries, taller garden rooms are available. These provide increased ceiling height within your garden room without the need to apply for planning permission.  We can extend the roof heights off

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