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Can you soundproof a shed?

Yes, many of our customers want their garden rooms soundproofed, so this is something we can do so you can use your garden room as a home cinema or music studio. But please let us know early on so we can incorporate soundproofing into the design. We usually apply soundproofing during construction using a damping material such as plasterboard inside the walls.

What size armoured cable do you need for a garden office?

Many people want to use electrical items in their garden rooms. When it comes to the size of the armoured cable for a garden office, this will depend on the overall expected power consumption. But this is a specialist area that you may want to discuss with your electrician.

What membrane to put under a floor in garden rooms?

Using a damp-proof membrane is a good idea because it will help to protect your garden room. There are various types of membranes that you can put under the floor in your garden room. One of the best options is to use an epoxy liquid membrane. ""

How to heat a garden room?

The easiest way to heat a garden room is to use a simple electric convection heater. Our garden rooms come with electricity sockets so you can easily plug in a small heater. Because our garden rooms are also fully insulated, it should not take long to heat your room, even on the coldest winter days. ""

How to clad a timber frame building?

Cladding a timber frame building is a very good idea. Not only does it provide protection from the elements, but it looks beautiful too. If you plan to clad your own timber building, it is best to follow a guide online because it is quite a large task. The alternative is to order a garden room that comes complete with cladding so you don’t have to worry about it. ""

Is it worth insulating a summerhouse?

Yes, it is absolutely worth insulating a summerhouse. Despite the name, there is no reason you should only use your summerhouse in the summer. With high-quality insulation and double-glazed windows, you can enjoy a cooler summerhouse in the summer while staying snug and warm during the winter months. ""

How to clad a summer house?

Most of our summer houses come with cladding, which protects the buildings and looks beautiful too. Cladding a summer house on your own is a large DIY job that will require lots of work. It involves choosing the type of cladding and then using a range of tools and skills to apply it. The best option is to follow a guide that explains the process clearly, and you can also watch videos going over the process online. ""

How to build a soundproof garden studio?

Some people like to have a soundproof garden room so they can use it as a music studio or something similar. We can apply soundproofing to our garden rooms if needed so you can avoid annoying your family and neighbours with loud noises. This is usually achieved by using a damping material like plasterboard inside the walls during the construction phase. ""

How to build a wooden garden room?

Building a wooden garden room requires specialist skills and knowledge. Our 6-step process covers the whole process from inquiry to construction, and the construction phase lasts up to eight weeks. If you build your own garden room, you will need to first design it, then lay the foundations, construct the timber building, install insulation, plumbing and electrics, and finally paint it. But it is a large task, so most people prefer to hire a specialist. ""

How to insulate a summer house?

Our summer houses are insulated using high-quality insulation so you don’t have to worry about insulating your garden room later. We also use double-glazed windows and doors to help your summer house stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. ""

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