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How big can my garden office be?

Your garden office can be as large as you want it to be. However, there are a few regulations surrounding the size of garden rooms and offices if you want to install a garden room without requiring planning permission. For example, the height of the eaves must be no more than 2.5 metres, and it must be under 10m2 in size. Please ask us for full details on the latest regulations. ""

How do i get wifi in my garden office?

It’s easy to get Wi-Fi in your garden office. You may be able to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi connection if you are close enough. However, if this is not possible, you could use an Wi-Fi extender in your garden room, which boosts your home’s Wi-Fi connection so you can connect to it from further away. ""

How to get wifi in garden studio?

Getting Wi-Fi in your garden studio is very easy. If your studio is close enough to your property, you may be able to connect to your main Wi-Fi connection. If not, one option is to invest in a Wi-Fi booster, which you can plug into a socket in your studio. This will boost your home’s Wi-Fi signal to improve the connection. Another alternative is to get a separate Wi-Fi service and install a router in your studio. ""

Can you put a toilet in a garden shed?

Installing a toilet in a garden shed is quite a task, and the best option may be to create a simple hole-in-the-ground design or a compost toilet. However, we can easily install a fully-functioning toilet in one of our garden rooms. We can create garden rooms with full plumbing so you can have a separate toilet area if you want, and this will work just the same as the toilet in your home. ""

Whats a good size for a garden gym?

Garden gyms can be any size you want, but they must be under 10m x 10m if you don’t want to apply for planning permission. However, they don’t have to be this large. In general, a garden gym of 3m x 3m is about the smallest you will probably want it to be. 5m x 4m is probably more common, but it depends on how you will use it and the size of equipment you want it to keep inside.

How to get wifi in garden room?

If you want Wi-Fi in your garden room, this is easy to do. You could simply run an ethernet cable from your property to the garden room and connect it to a Wi-Fi router. Alternatively, you may be able to access the Wi-Fi signal from your home. To do this, you might need a Wi-Fi extender or Wi-Fi repeater, which boosts the signal and makes it easier to access the main Wi-Fi signal.

How long does a garden room take to install/build?

The installation time depends on the type of garden room you choose but typically: Premier Range Rooms: 2-3 weeks Signature Range Rooms: 5-6 weeks Bespoke Service & Garden Spa Range: Timings depend on the size and specification of your garden room or spa – we’ll be able to estimate this once the final design is agreed All timings are subject to delays if adverse weather conditions render us unable to undertake the necessary works.

Can I install air conditioning?

Yes, Can we recommend an air conditioning unit. The answer is No. We have no preferred supplier of air conditioning units and he will help and advise you on these.

Can I fit blinds?

YES, we have many customers who have installed blinds throughout their building. Most of our rooms come with the options to include factory fitted blinds, We can also recommend someone to fit blinds? Yes. We have a couple of preferred suppliers of blinds.

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