My property or area has a restrictive covenant, can I still have a garden room?

Restrictive covenants set conditions in your property’s contract or deeds to restrict certain actions, normally to preserve the aesthetics of an area. These can be for a limited time only and can apply to both new and old homes. Contact our sales team today to find out more about your particular circumstance if you have a restrictive covenant.

Do you supply CAD drawings for planning permission purposes?

Absolutely; CAD drawings usually take a week to be supplied. We first require a deposit to secure your start date and the quoted price, which is refundable in the event your planning is turned down. We include CAD drawings as part of our planning permission service. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to carry out your own application then we are happy to provide you with the CAD drawings of your chosen garden room.

Will I need planning permission for a garden room?

Planning permission is not normally required as many of our buildings fall under permitted development (under 2.5m high externally). Most houses, even in conservation areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) have permitted development rights. Flats and listed buildings have no permitted development rights, so will always need planning permission. Rest assured, if you do find that you need planning, then we provide a full Planning service and will be happy to carry this out on your behalf.

Will my building require planning permission?

The majority of the time the answer is ‘No’, we generally design our buildings with this in mind and conform to all regulations, meaning your building will strictly stay within the parameters of permitted development. There are, however, times where planning permission may be required, for more detailed information please see our dedicated page to Planning information.

What if I live in a flat, can I still have a garden room?

Yes you can, but we will need to submit a planning application, flats, maisonettes and apartments do not have the same permitted development rights as houses do. This is not a problem, we have built in the grounds of many flats and will complete the full planning process for you.

Will my building meet building regulations?

Yes, in every case. Whether a small one man office or a large annexe building, we consider everything and where a building requires inspection and sign off (mainly with larger buildings) we deal with it for you, engaging with the council or an approved building control contractor to provide all required paperwork. There are dedicated fees for this service and we discuss these with you at all the various stages.

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